Preparing for HF21

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I'm interested to hear from everyone, how you are getting ready for HF21? Are you changing how you do things, how you curate, post or structure your accounts. Going to use bid-bots and vote buying more or less?

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My plans.

  • I have delegated some SP out through Dlease. I am planning on letting those leases expire and bring the SP back. The vast majority of my SP will be in my primary account (@jk6276)
  • I have turned off all autovotes from all my tribe accounts. The point of the HF is to improve content discovery and manual curation. I will at least try to 100% manually curate across all my tribe accounts.
  • I have set my main account to follow all my tribe accounts with a 10% vote - to add STEEM to the tribe token votes. Any remaining VP will be manually curated.
  • I am going to try and post more and engage more. This will be tricky, there is only so much time in the day, but that is the goal.
  • Continue to build my stake in the main tribes I am focusing on.
  • Stock up on DEC - I am using DEC as a liquid store of value. The more I can build up, the more opportunities I will be ready to pounce on when and if they present themselves.

So that's my plan, I am keen to here from everyone how you are getting ready for HF21 and life beyond it.

Thanks for reading, feel free to drop your thoughts or any suggestions in the comments.




Those alt accounts are an interesting way of managing the various tokens and tribes but I prefer to keep them all in my main account. 🍺

It's certainly challenging to manage them all, taking up a bit of time, but the goal for me with 50% curation is to find decent stuff to vote on and use the VP. Yes profit maximising, but also hopefully finding and rewarding content and people I like.

It is a struggle to keep up, however.

What is ht

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It's the STEEM Hard Fork that will happen next week. Lots of changes happening, hopefully for the best in the long run. A fund being set up to fund development, and a change to author/curator rewards amongst other changes.

Thanks alot for supporting and your your time

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I am going to continue much the same and see how it goes and may make adjustments once I see how things are working out.

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Going to be interesting to see how it all goes.

going to keep doing the same thing I am currently doing. Delegating out some steem for a return and follow some accounts to auto upvote but I take a time to slowly pick out one account at a time

Delegations could become more profitable, that is something that I will keep an eye on.

I'm increasing my exposure to tribes like leo, spt and looking less at steem. Will probably delegate most of the SP after the fork.

Expecting HF21 to go pretty badly for the small fishes like me but let's see.

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The tribes are the best option for many of us. The opportunity to be a bigger fish in a smaller pond is there, and the chances of posts "being seen" are higher.

I’ve delegated a proportion of my Steem to @naturalproducts. I will continue to manually curate as before but hopefully it will be more profitable. The 50/50 or 60/40 split in some of the tribes is much more egalitarian and inclusive and I have gravitated towards them 🙏🏽

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50/50 seems to work for the tribes, and will hopefully also for STEEM. I have missed the naturalproducts tribe, but it's a great idea to focus efforts on the tribes you are most comfortable in.

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