Is the start of HF21 the end of Steemfriends?

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The SteemFriends app started 2 years ago. Here is a list of things it can do:

  • Rank your top contributors in dollars between 2 dates:

  • Display side by side, between two dates, who votes for you and who you vote for the most:

  • Search through a list of articles you have written or upvoted between two dates, using tags or titles

  • Display the conversation record between you and a friend

  • Display your ranking for Followers, Reputation, Effective SP, Own SP, SBD, Estimated Account Value, Pending Payout, Past Payout, Power Down, Account Creation, Witness Voting Power on Steemit

  • Display how much you have contributed to a friend in $ between 2 dates and vice versa, broken down by articles.

To continue this service, the backend database steemsql costs 20 SBD per month. In the last few months, the SBD revenue from articles posted under this account plus the SBD payment from has been keeping it going.

If the SBD amount of this account goes over 20 SBD, 20SBD will be transferred to steemsql to pay for the backend database for Steemfriends. Otherwise, thank you all for your support in the last few years! And lastly thank you to @thesteemengine and @enchantedspirit for keeping it going via the SBD payments. It's been fun making this. @magicmonk


Check out SBDS. Steemsql is based on it, but steemsql goes a bit further with some nice custom tables. If you're not using those custom tables, you can set up SBDS and save money. However, that would require some admin skills to play with, otherwise you're stuck with Steemsql. (python) (php, what I'm using right now, but I'm writing my own NodeJS solution)

Thanks. Last time I looked at sbds it was missing some tables that I needed. But I'll look at it again and have a re-think. Will also have a look at pcsg. Cheers,

Following this account now to help finding the SQL costs.

thanks acidyo. Would have helped if you were here half a year ago. Now the system does not give out SBDs. I need 20 SBD to renew the SteemSQL subscription for a month.

Bro just use the inner market to exchange the Steem for SBD

Hi acid. Great advice. I would be willing to do that from now if I start getting this level of support via upvotes. Prior to this article the revenue basically came from myself. However, right now I do not have any steem. To get 18 SBD i'll need over 110 Steem. Happy to wait until this article pays out and see if it will give me enough for 18SBD, unless someone donates beforehand.

I've only used your website a few times but I'm sure there are people out there who find it helpful and beneficial. Resteemed this to get it some more attention and will try catch your future posts with some votes. Also sent you 40 Steem to help you get there, good luck!

Ok acid. Thank you again. Yes that will be enough. I will get SteemSQL renewed for this month. Also start an application to SPS.

How much do you make as of now? If we can crowdfund the rest, I’m sure we can get there.

Hey. Have responded to the requirement to renew the steemsql subscription in replies above. thanks for wanting to be involved.

You should raise a proposal to keep this service going. I will fully support it.

Fully agree. I think this is an initiative worthy of funding from the SPS

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thanks mate. see reply below.

I also sent 1 SBD. Hope it helps.

thanks buddy. see reply below.

sure. if people can show me that they want this service by donating a total of 20SBD, then I will renew the steemSQL subscription for a month and fund the 10SBD required for the proposal myself.

Huh??? Why didn't I know about this service? Bloody excellent!!

I hope HF21 doesn't destroy it. Going over right now to check it out. Thanks! :-)


Thank you! I started it 2 years ago and have written many articles about it under @magicmonk.
I wrote this article just before the SteemSQL subscription ran out, so steemfriends will not work right now because it does not have an active SteemSQL subscription.
HF21 did not destroy it - it's just that the date that it started coincided with the date that SteemSQL subscription ended.

Oh cool, can't believe in my 3 years I missed you. I hope you get support to start it up again, it looks really nice.


thank you. I'm not sure how buddy. teamsteem resteemed it many times too. He's even talked about it with jerry in their video conferences.

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Not working. Something about the sql connection :-(


Yes, that's the whole reason why I wrote this article.. I need people to donate SBD to pay for the SteemSQL subscription.

I hope you get enough. I'm pretty low on SBD or I'd send you some. I've resteemed and will try and mention you as much as possible.


cool. thanks mate. I think everyone's low. the bottom line is if the app can't get 20SBD of funding from the whole of steemit, it's not that useful.

I know it sucks to rewrite code but there are some free hivemind nodes that can do what you do with steemsql

more info? I might look into doing that if I get some decent funding / support.

cool thanks!