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RE: Support Steem.DAO: Return Proposal

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I think it is going to be important for large stakeholders to be able to make a partial weighted vote (via a code enhancement/future fork). Currently the only way to vote proposals up and down is with the boolean approve. But this means that when a large stakeholder changes a vote it may have unintended consequences (for example moving a refund proposal above other higher "good" proposals in addition to the one intended to be cut off), or alternately not vote. Splitting stake allows for more granularity, but splitting stake should not be needed and it is generally unintended that splitting conveys an advantage.


Could we vote conditionally, say up to a certain level. Eg. "I support this proposal up to the point of 25 GV voting for it"?

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Imagine when we have proposals for our proposals,and yes we should turtle or fractalit all teh way down! this is the beginning of a great new steem, no pun intended. i just saw this proposal section on steempeak today, i am really excited. and i know so many steemians will FOMO when they see PROPOSALS? Imagine we can vote on a proposal with HALF our Mvests.... or delegate proposal power lol hehe

As currently implemented it is only yes or no (true or false in the api). All sorts of improvement proposals are possible but I think changing the true-or-false boolean to a percentage gets us most of the way there.