Tip 9: How to get upvotes? Bot or not?

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How do you get your votes?

  1. You can self-vote but if you just start your vote is worth less or 0.
  2. You get upvotes from people who like your contest or like you.
  3. You won a contest you joined.
  4. A bot gives you upvotes.
  5. @partiko upvotes (because you use partiko or because you change your partiko points into an upvote = steem).

Lets talk about bots.

There are all kinds of. Some upvote your posts and are sent by a community. Some sweep your dust like @dustsweeper or @dustbunny.
There are bots used to send a tip to someone or you can pay to get an upvote or win one for lifetime.

If it comes to bots I am not an expert. I followed some people's steps to see what happens. To be honest it still is abracadabra to me.

If you need to be 'feed' (could need some upvotes) visit @oleg326756.

  1. Follow @oleg326756

  2. Read his latest post:
    Upvotes Giveaway and a Chance to Win a LIFETIME OF UPVOTES from @feedyourminnows bot – Episode 61 (or a later version).

There are two options given but you can do both:

  1. Upvotes for a week

  2. Upvotes for a lifetime
    For each option you need to follow some steps.

  3. Resteem and upvote

In short

Register for a week-long automatic upvotes (limited to twice a day at 10%) by sending registration fee 0.050 STEEM/SBD with the word feedme in the memo to @oleg326756 (and don’t forget to resteem this post)
Leave a comment with #feedme (don’t forget to upvote the two posts!) to enter the raffle for a chance to win a lifetime membership for the FeedYourMinnows BOT.
Note The 2 posts are @oleg326756 and @scrooger his. They work together to run feed your minnows

4.  visit @scrooger

  1. follow @scrooger
  2. Read his latest post
    Feed Your Minnows BOT | Season 91 Registration
    (or higher number)

Here you read who won a lifetime membership, see a list of all Steemians who the bot is upvoting (payed for or won memberships) and more info about how the bot works, you can donate/upvote so it keeps doing its job.

There is also a weekly contest which you can join. Called this week's gif.

If you want an UPVOTE

  • Follow the rules
  • Wallet - transfer - @feedyourminnows - amount - memo: feedme.

And this is exactly what I did today.


The picture is a pixabay.com pic.

Steem is about earning. You need to earn to power up/stake. Without Steem Power (SP) you are not able to post, comment and upvote. Make yourself visible. Use your SP in the most efficient way.

Tips I wrote to help you

Tip: Introduce yourself!
Use the tag #introduceyourself if you did not do it yet.
(You might meet nice people or get interesting tips.)

Tip 1: How to grow? Use dpoll.xyz!
(Go for the giveaways. Free SBI, upvotes, pal, monster cards). https://www.palnet.io/dpoll/@wakeupkitty.pal/tip-how-to-grow-use-dpoll-xyz

Tip 2: Join the engagement league.
Be visible, upvote your neighbours like they do with you).

Tip 3: Join #ccc contests if you like to earn!
(Use the tag #ccc for every post with 200+ words) https://www.palnet.io/palnet/@wakeupkitty.pal/tip-3-join-ccc-contests-if-you-like-to-earn

Tip 4: Share your photos (dapp Appics)

Tip 5: Steem-bounty.co
(Be a bounty hunter, get upvotes and earn forever on your posts!)

Tip 6: Improve your writing skills.
(Read, use Grammarly, practice free writing) https://www.palnet.io/steem/@wakeupkitty.pal/tip-6-improve-your-writing-skills

Tip 7: Steembasicincome (SBI)
(Help other and earn yourself too)

Tip 8: Join Actifit


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This is an interesting read @wakeupkitty. I love your tips, I'm going to try some of it for sure.

How are you today? Hope you are feeling better now.

Every day a bit better, thanks for asking.

Give this hot a try. There are more tips on my other account.

Hope you are doing well. Is your mother already back home?

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Yes, my mom was discharged from the hospital last Monday. She has sand crystals in her kidneys but her doctor said that it can be washed out with anti-biotics. So, hopefully it will work.

I'm doing well, thank you. I'm glad that you're feeling better and better. Please take care. 😊