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RE: Challenge! - Steem: The Honey Badger of Communities

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Remember to post it both on the community and on your steem Blog.

How do you do that ? I am sorry to ask, but I am still catching up with all the features of community.


I was wondering the same! New user to Steempeak. I normally post through @actifit and i noticed those posts don't show up on my Steempeak blog. 🤔

You have to resteem your post from the community to your own blog. There are three little dots by the payout figure. Hope it helps.

Helps a lot, though i am not sure what i am doing!! Thank-you for your guidance.

I think it posts to the blog automatically, but you need to have the hive tag first to post to the community. I think that's what it means.

No, @livinguktaiwan said it right, we have to resteem to our blog. Interestingly, it creates a notification :)

So we have to do a resteem after posting and that puts it in our blog? Thanks for clarifying it!