#3 Giveaway: SM Cards or SBI Share

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Seems like steem survived another week! To celebrate here comes another giveaway.
If you haven't voted for the consensus witness please do so after participating in this giveaway!

⚔️ The rules:

  • All you have to do is comment and mention which reward do you prefer (SBI OR Cards)
  • Only one comment per person, if you comment twice in the same post you will not qualify for the prize, the same applies if you vote with a secondary account!
  • upvote is not mandatory but if the author reward (Steem Power + Steem + SBD) is over 3 Steem I will pick 2 winners instead of one!

I will pick a random winner after 6 days and post it the next day along with the new round!

⚔️ Cards for this giveaway:


You can choose between 2x Goblin Thief or 1 SBI Share! Thank you for participating I will see you on the next one, GOOD LUCK!

If you don't know what an SBI share is read this.
If you're not a Steem Monsters player yet you can join now

⚔️ Last week winner:

@marianaemilia was the lucky winner, I will send you the cards you requested right away! Hope to see you participating on the next one 😁

Screenshot 20200310 at 20.36.46.png



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1st participant 😉
Thank you and good luck!

sbi! thanks!

I really wouldn't mind which prize I won, but let's go with the SBI share for the sake of picking one

Have some !trdo as well :)

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SBI please! :)

Cards please

SBI please!

SM Card please

SBI, obviously... I got no time for card games. 🤣

card please.

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