SPinvest's 1st interview Q&A

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Here is SPinvests very first interview Q and A session. Granted there are not many questions answered and it's a short video but i had a spare 15 minutes and was in the mood. Check it out

So, it's a piss about video but i think the concept is pretty funny and could be a way to market SPinvest through short video clips. I have idea's and forget them quickly so it's highly possible you will never hear about this idea again. But self-interviewing yourself? lol.

Its not all work, work, work :)

Have a day Folks

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Beautiful piece. Thanks.

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Thank you :)

The dude in the beanie needs to so a series of video ads for Spinvest that can be shared over all Social Media.

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i agree with you

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Could be fun :)

You might have something....sometimes funny video's get people's attention!!!

If nothing else, it gives a valid reason to use appropriate tags to capture CCC & TLNT tokens as well.

Too funny! Great way to get info across!

yeah,i love the sense of humour..

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Thank you. Glad you enjoyed

I hope you continue with these! Absolutely delightful!

I meant to scatter a little !trdo here as well. After all, every little token helps the bottom line....

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interesting interview

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Thank you, it took me all afternoon

OMG!!! You crack me up! 😂 😂 😂

lmao, just abit of fun

Thanks for checking it out and giving some feedback

LOL you got me ....Do more of these, sounds crazy but people will watch, and buy SPI !😀

I might do more!!

Nice we all could resteem...😀

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