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RE: Just Keep Steeming

in #shitpostlast year

You are definitely correct my friend. This will pay off eventually! No way but to go up! <3


I usually am 😝 jk. We’ll see what happens 😁

Woman this pretty can't be wrong! the universe will implode if so! :D

Thahahhaha I'm gonna let you in on a secret, women are wrong, all the time 😂😂not me obviously.

Noooooo!!! :O That is not possible? How can a woman be wrong?!
My mom is right all the time and blames my father for everything!
My brain cannot process this information!!!!! :D

Moms are not wrong either, not your own at least, other moms can be.

Dude! My mom says she's right even when she is NOT! There is no '' I'm wrong '' part in her skull I'm assuming! :D