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RE: Pietro Alessandro Yon, Humoresque "L''organo primitivo" (Toccatino for Flute) | Secrets of Organ Playing Contest, Week 92

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Wow, this is pure happiness!!! The music, and you playing it. I have never heard of this composer as well, however you did it very well choosing it for this week's contest. You mastered it in one day (If you found it yesterday?)
Thanks for sharing with us ☺️ and good luck in the contest 🍀


Yes, I practised it Friday, some more on Saturday and then recorded it. The notes are not too difficult and the music is a bit like Czerny studies. And I've played a lot of those in my youth! The tricky spots here are where the left hand has to span a decime. That's not easy when you have small hands like me

I watched again it now and payed attention to the decimes in your left hand, you rock!! 👍👍
There is a piece I practice now for days 🤦 and there is a jump to a decime chord and I don't do it well, so still haven't recorded it.