Sunsets & Sunrises Brighten Me Up !!

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There is not a day i like to miss out by not going for my morning jog or evening walk on the beach no matter what part of the world , i may be unless i am staying in a city but mostly when i have traveled overseas i have always traveled to places where we can be close to a beach there is nothing better then starting or finishing of the day with a beautiful sunrise or sunset it just gives me more reason to look forward to another beautiful day or a lovely evening. These are some sunsets , i captured while holidaying on the island of Koh Samui from various beaches around the island.




There is one part of the world , i would love to return to that is the tropical islands of Thailand let's hope sooner then later the vibes of those tropical islands all around Thailand as i have seen and heard are some of the most beautiful places on earth with never ending magical sunrises and sunsets. I am so happy to have bought these lovely memories back with me but to be honest i would rather be there sitting on them beaches with Pina Colada enjoying them sunsets for real soon i hope 🌞





#seaphotography by @marc-allaria






Yay! 🤗
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Jealous with you ...!!! 🤣🤣

Lol...when you make it to OZ you will see beautiful sunsets like this 😆

It looks like tourism is back on in Thailand, we are still awaiting news that Cambodia will give visas-on-arrival again, but we aren't too hopeful for 2021. Pretty soon we will have been stranded in Suriname so long that we will be eligible for citizenship. !wine

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These were actually photos before the covid i would say and heard that there are no tourist in Thailand only the expats that are living there i don't think people will be going anyway for at least another year. Sad to hear that you are still not able to go back home to Cambodia just make the best of it in Suriname till it's all cool to return.

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Thank you for your updates @hivebuzz 👍

You're welcome @kohsamui99, this is well deserved 😊 Keep this motivation!

Splendid views that have nothing to envy to my snowy landscapes ! 😉
...i didn' realize your name @kohsamui99 was from an island name....😁

Snow landscapes even though cold can be very beautiful to look at.

Yep that's how much i loved that island it just stuck in my mind and not to forget the beautiful memories i had there i used it's name 😆

adore sunsets! absolutely magic atmosphere of a finishing day and sleeping sun.
Like to stare at it and think...think...and just enjoy and think of nothing;)

I feel the same way about sunsets they just make me feel more free in the mind and body 🌞

hello dear friend @ kohsamui99 good day
You are incredible, your photographs are enviable. excellent shots that you show us on this occasion, without a doubt Thailand must have the best sunsets
I appreciate very much that you have shown us these beautiful photographs

have a splendid day

Thank you @jlufer for your kind words i must say the best sunsets i have seen were on the islands of Thailand just magical 🌞

WOW, how beautiful. I wish I can see the sun like in that picture.

Thank you @kidsisters i am sure you will one day 🌞