Reputation Seventy - 70 REP!

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I made it to 70 rep! Thats another milestone passed. To be completely honest I never thought I would make it this far when I started.

I'm quite pleased with this achievement, but before you congratulate me, I have to thank ocdb and other bidbots. I couldn't have done it without them. I would also like to thank my 5000 Steem investment amd those who designed the system. It really helps.

Also, gotta give a shout out to powerhousecreatives and all the smaller initiatives I am involved with and the people I engage with regularly. I come for the rewards, I stay for the engaging content.

I remember I struggled for about 5 months and didn't have Steem figured out for about 1 year. Unless you are a developer, really study, or a pro blogger it can be tough. Although I joined in November 2017, I didn't really blog at all until May 2018. I was fairly antisocial until arpund September 2018. Altcoins were just to hot back then and basically, I focused all my efforts on them. Also, I couldn't write for my life. I still can't.

Well, long story short, Steem is around 1/20th its highest point (ATH). I was a member when it was 7 or 8 dollars. I remember saying hell no. I joined to do some part of an airdrop or a bounty. It was worth it because I got into Steem as a result. Overall I'm up on Steem. However it's because I get more Steem from using Steem a lot.

I reached 50 rep around August 2018 which was around 4 months after I wrote my first Steem blog. I think I had written around 15 or so blogs. To put that into perspective, I helped make my friend an account the other day, showed her the ropes and got her to 50 rep after 1 or 2 posts. It's much easier when you have people who know what they are doing (with a little Steem Power) helping you out. Obviously, bid bots came into that, too.

I hit 500 SP around July 2018. I think I bought 100 a few weeks earlier, decided I could make money investing and went for more. I hit 1000 around December when the price crashed. I think I made 150 SP blogging in my first 6 months, I bought almost all my SP. I got to 2000 SP by new years and 5000 by the end of January. Bottom line is Steem was below 30 cents and I was in a buying mood. I was a dolphin. It wasn't long after, I think Mid-February when I hit 60 reputation. By then I was using bots and had just started blogging every day.

Getting to 70 was tough. It involved writing around 100 blogs after I reached 60 rep and probably spending 1500 or more SBD promoting them. Maybe this is why people love to hate bid bots? I don't know, I always try to write somewhat decent content. Or at least I put in effort.

Some of my friends didn't believe I would get to 70 this fast. I said it would happen before July, so I have done it in a week to spare. I wonder how fast it will take me to get to 80? There are only a couple people up there or anywhere close to it and they are all active whales or very large orcas with 200,000 or more SP. Who knows, maybe I'll just buy more Steem amd become the next haejin. Hell I'll tag myself in this.

That all being said, I have tremendous respect for people who never use bidbots and get to 70 Rep without whales helping them too much. From what I have seen, only developers, community leaders, OG Steem people and maybe pro-bloggers or artists who've made money off other platforms can get there without investing. I don't know. Maybe really active people in huge communities? It's tough.

I hope we see more good bots like ocdb that white list users and don't force them to take negative ROI. I don't care if it's a sliding positive scale from say 1% to 10%, but losing money sucks, especially for people who are broke or consider Steem an investment.

Ideally, in the future maybe we just want content creators and curators, but for now, Steem is still early in its development. Steemit just came off beta and HF21 is the first post Beta fork. We still need people into Steem purely for investment purposes. Few people actually need Steem as you can gamble and play cards, socialize and blog else where for free. A few uncertain cents an hour is hardly going to inspire peoole who can work for $10+ an hour (potential investors). We need more users of all types, bottom line. I think if curating APR remains much lower than delegating APR after HF21, we will have a problem.

I also wanted to mention about this is cool and I've been tagging it. Actually I sold all my pal immediately. But I'm staking it now. I kimd of wanted to start fresh and here is my chance. Obviously, I wish I sold now, but who knows? Palnet will last. I'll write about it in a few weeks when I figured it out, I guess.

My next goal is to get to 7777 SP. I say this because it is a cool number and actually, I want to try to make 50% more Steem than I bought off market while inflation remains rampant. That takes around 2 years if you delegate well, but I think I can do it by my 2 years anniversary since I blog and engage a lot and will try out curating to play ball with HF21. Considering I've only had most of my SP for 6 months, that's impressive (too much if you ask me). I'll do a Q2 analysis in about a week.

But enough of where the Steem economy is at and where it is going...I just wanna say WooHoo, 70 Rep!


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Congrats my friend on your (70) rep.

"That all being said, I have tremendous respect for people who never use bidbots and get to 70 Rep without whales helping them too much".

This is the way that I do it with no help from whales. Still have 6 to go to 70 and only 2000+SP, but I want us to be seen as a charity that do things openly.

Not that you are not open, as you have described your own path here, but I think a charity should protect their name as it's a different situation.
I believe that a charity should beware of finger pointing by others.

Stephen (Zac)

What you are doing is such a good thing though. When Steem makes it, your charity will be booming and become even more helpful to those who need it.

If I was a charity I would definitely be doing things differently.

I always wonder how many people have two accounts here, one where they are a kind little guy with <1000 SP and another where they actually keep their SP and are absolutely ruthless and just don't talk about it. I imagine quite a few people have an actual savings account where its just going to the highest bidder.

So sad isn't it?
To have two, or many other accounts is surely not playing fair, especially if they cover it with a "good" account.
But such is life my friend.

Sometimes I wish there was an option to get 1 account verified using some secretive program like Civic. I see the downside even if it is optional, but it may encourage better relations. Perhaps allow people to register licensed/official businesses and NGOs as well but mark them as such.

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Great run through the months here on Steemit. I am a 65 in 18 months without any bot I don’t know if that’s an achievement cause fun is the fear factor for me,
But never not celebrate a great achievement so get some cake and eat it !
On to 80 and I don’t mean your age !

Wow 80 will be very tough. I suspect that is around 100,000 Steem worth of votes! I've always liked learning about all the different ways people enjoy using Steem. I like the mechanics of it all and seeing how it interacts.
No matter what we do here, everyone seems to have a driving factor.

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Congrats man! 70 is legit.

I am so glad I met you through the powerhouse and really appreciate your support that helped me crest 64 on the weekend.

I will be here to watch you get to 80 and will be sending you my little upvotes the whole way.

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PHC has been great inspiration. We all grow together. Your blogs are really nice, too.
Even if I end up selling all the Steem I bought, I'll probably keep the extra Steem I've got since then to stay engaged.
80 is a little ambitious, I think only 3 or 4 accounts have managed or are close. I figure at my current rate I'm looking at 3 to 3.5 years to get there, but things will probably change a lot.
Maybe, I'll take it 1point at a time from now.

congrats, I have been posting for two years and havent used bid bots and am still only up to 65. 70 is a nice milestone to reach!

65 without bots is good. I didnt used them at all until I got to around 55 or so. Then I started buying a lot of Steem and devided to indirectly power up with bots.

Congrats!! I've still got a long way to go :0)

big hand.png

Thanks, you probably deserve to be at 70 more than I do.

lol, if I would deserve it, i would have it 😂

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

It's an achievement, but I wish rep did not take account of bot votes. There accounts higher than this that have practically no community support. The algorithm could be changed to ignore repeated votes. I wouldn't mind if that reduced my rep, but then I didn't buy it. I have not bought many votes. I just post and comment a lot. It took a year to get from 70 to 71 and about 9 months to 72, but I can wait.

Please excuse me if I do not vote on this, but I think it's got plenty of rewards as it is.

I understand your opinion of too many rewards on this post. Most of them are from me using bid bots. As much as I appreciate upvotes they are never really deserved.
I also wish bot votes were somehow detached from rep and trending page.
I do hope they change this system. Hate the game not the player.

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At least your posts have some value and engagement. I just choose to not buy many votes or self vote. I have used the Steem Monsters votes for DEC scheme to justify playing the game. That's just the odd dollar. I'm happy enough with what I make.

The new bots that take Tokens (or soon SMTs) are great, in those cases, it is up for the community to decide. With Steem it is the main coin and I imagine they will slowly change it so the only real way to make money off it is staking/inflation.

Grats man.... I don't see myself hitting it anytime soon either lol

Thanks. Gotta get more rep first. I suggest buying some Steem and using it to bid up your quality posts to give yourself some speed. Or do it with any rewards you have saved up.

Congrats on the big 70!!! That's a hard one to get. 60 was hard for me so imagining 70!!! You should definitely celebrate this one. 🍾🥂

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Thank you! 60 wasn't easy for me either. Good job on that milestone. Although I guess it really depends on how you us your account.

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Thanks. True what you say here.

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Congrats !!! I know what a tough journey it is to get there, I'm hoping to make it in a couple of weeks time myself

I think you will make it there sooner or later. I can't imagine how hard it would be if Steem went up to 7dbd again.

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Good skills. I don't know how you manage to write one post a day. It took me ages to get to a rep of 50. Maybe I'll write a post or two now I'm on summer vacation.

Thanks! It's very time consuming sometimes. I just got in the habit. Maybe I'll slow down soon. I'm tempted to do miniseries based on some Korean folk stories, Samguk Yusa, or Hendrick Hamel.
I'm also talking with someone on telegram about a Korean Steem meet up. I'll keep you informed if I get more information.

A miniseries sounds cool. Do you have a copy of Hamel's journey? A meet up would be good. It would be my first crypto meet up.

I have a digital copy.
I think now that btc is above 10k people are excited. I want steem above sbd before I truely get happy. I don't expect an alt coin circus this time around.

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ohh waah 70 sounds good and all the hard worked details - the initiative and the ways you achieved it sounds good.

Next target?

80 man 80

Thanks! My targets are going to be based on SP and other achievements now. 80 is really difficult to get to without hoarding the reward pool.

yeah makes sense

Whether you use bid bots or not is crucial. Without @ocdb I’d be at 66 or 67 now. Congrats on your successful journey anyway.

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Thanks for the support.
I use bid bots, but I'm always on the fence with them. I think we need to have more like ocdb and less like various ones which don't care what they vote for.

I read your post with care and after 8 months on Steemit I am still in the dark about most of what you have written.
I congratulate you on your amazing achievement and hope one day to be up there........whopeee!
If you have any really simple steps for me to follow........I do not understand my wallet and have done nothing with it since inception, I am all ears/eyes!
You are obviuosly doing the right thing. Well done.

Thanks a lot. It took me so long to learn, but I think I figured it out a few months ago finally.
I think joining PHC and Asher's Engagement League really helped me. I was never part of a redfish or minnow support league because I just bought myself past that level when I wanted to.

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Congrats on 70, that is huge. I am thankful like you , that I am up on steem. I have to be because I never put in a penny. TBH I have taken plenty out. I staked by Pal. It was a freebie so why not. I am writing this comment on there and I like it coz it reminds me of the olde timey Steemit :)

Congrats for you! Great achievements!

For now really hard for me to increasing my SP, but I try with buy another tokens to stake, hope the price will increase and I want buy Steem for SP.

Proud of member #PowerHouseCreatives

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