Powered up another 400 steem 😋

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My earning source in steem was posting a while ago. I used to post and earn from them. Another source of my earning was curation sniping. But i am not posting regularly for a long time. For now my earning source is splinterlands. And i have gained quite good amount by spending time on splinterlands. Also continuing my curation but do not earn much from.

Every month i need to withdraw around 400 steem for my monthly expenses. Still I somehow managed to power up some steem to support the blockchain. This is also going to help me growing my curation reward. 2 months ago i powered up 300 steem from my liquid balance and also authored a post on it. And today i powered up another 400 steem from my earning.

A total of 700 steem in 2 months. More or less 100$ at current price of steem.

Now a days i am too busy and unable to maintain some of my works by which i could make bit more profit. But i think now i should spend some time on curation.


Wow this is amazing. I wish someday i also have that steempower.

Ore bap re bap 1898 ...apni tho brolox

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😊 Sob e Allahr iccha r apnader doya

Great action brother.

Thanx bro

Now we have different tribes on Steem blockchain. You can focus on specific tribes according to your passion.

I joined Steem blockchain on November 10, 2017. Yes, it's exactly two years. And I have never seen so much opportunity that we have right now. Pretty excited to see what will happen after launching SMT.

Keep up the good work, @sourovafrin!

I don't find tribe much useful except some exception. And i believe after smt launch se tokens will go thru hard time. Let's see what happens.
We should focus on steem more than anything.

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Alhamdulillah. I am on steem blockchain for more than 2 years. And this amount is not a great deal if you know how to work here.
Wish you all the best.

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