I'm not sure if you knew... The order of tags is important!

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... Even more so if you use more than 5 tags.

The first tag you use is obviously the most important one, because it is the primary tag. Once set and published a post with a certain primary tag, you can't change it. While all the other tags you can change (as in remove or add others, which allows you to change their order as well).

Before tribes made their appearance in the Steem ecosystem, there were a maximum of 5 tags one could use for a post.

But with the advent of tribes, and the use of tags as an indicator of including a post in a tribe and in sharing rewards from its pool, 5 tags suddenly became insufficient.

Shortly after tribes were introduced, their interfaces started to allow 10 tags instead of 5. That's more like it, people would say! Then SteemPeak supported 10 tags as well.

But... there was still an interface which was stuck with 5 tags: steemit.com.

So, why that? It was an easy change really.

I believe they didn't make the change immediately, so that people get used to adding their most important tags first. If they cared whether their content is seen on steemit.com for that tag or not.

Sure, the same rule was in place for all interfaces, but it's much harder to notice it, if you have 10 tags at your disposal.

But if you look at SteemPeak, here's what it says:

Have you noticed this explanation before? I'm not sure I have. If I did, it slipped my mind after a while. But I remembered that steemit.com had only 5 tags and I made a habit to add the important tags first, and tribe-related tags, for example, at the end.

Recently steemit.com also increased the number of supported tags to 8. But @justinw didn't fail to mention in a comment the important aspect about the order of tags, that only 5 of them are indexed (can be discovered by using the tag to display/retrieve posts):

Probably this doesn't help very much those content creators who add 10 tribe tags, but for anyone who also uses topic-relevant tags, knowing and applying this is important.

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Salut Adrian!
Am si eu o intrebare... atunci cand votam un post care are sa zicem tags de la 7 triburi si 3 tags clasice luam prin procesul de curatie si tokenii de la cele 7 triburi sau doar steem?
Iti doresc un week-end placut!😉


Cand curezi un post, indiferent cate taguri ale triburilor are, vei primi curation rewards doar pentru triburile ale caror token-uri le ai staked (si SP/STEEM evident). Deci nu pentru toate triburile pe care le listeaza autorul in post, decat daca le ai pe toate staked. De asemenea, nu conteaza ce tokenuri lichide ai la curare.

Weekend placut si tie!

Iti multumesc frumos pentru explicatie... totul este clar acum, iar cu ocazia asta am si facut stack la cativa tokeni...

Great advice @gadrian, I do use Steempeak every day, and by the way the first tag is also included in the url, now I am sure you know that, but not everyone does, stay awesome.

Nice catch about the primary tag being included in the URL! Although that's not true for all interfaces, but still great for SEO, since I was talking about that yesterday.

Also the primary tag is the only one displayed on the posts thumbnails, on some interfaces.

Yeah I know, and I am not a fan of that behavior, I want to set the tags myself.

Ah, you're talking about interfaces which set their own tags as primary tags, if they are not already added. I would make this optional, or at least not set them as primary tags unless they were set by the author.

I was referring to something of visual nature. That the primary tag is the only one displayed on the the post thumbnail, in your feed, on most interfaces.