Biden claims he has been a senator for 180 years; and the MSM gives him a pass!

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The mental acuity of Joe Biden is again in the news, because he told the press that he had started working in the Senate One Hundred Eighty years ago!

In his own stumbling words:
Right from the horses...err mouth.

Latest Biden Gaff, where he's been in the Senate for 180 years:
It seems that they lock him in his basement, so he is less likely to cause a loss of voters with another Senile gaff!

As voters focus in on the Presidential Election, they are asking hard questions about the candidates.This is not what Joe Biden and his handlers want.And to make matters worse, Joe Biden left jaws on the ground with what he just said on camera.

The MSM is (as expected) Ignoring 100% of Biden's mis-speaking! Better watch the This is not what Joe Biden and his handlers want.And to make matters worse, Joe Biden left jaws on the ground with what he just said on camera.

It is a great concern that this man is in the running for POTUS; when he should really be in a alzheimer's ward, under treatment!


Lol he is a problem.

True, but they are reporting like the election is over, and President Trump has No chance.

If they steal this election, from the tens of thousands of voters, claiming their rally of 'eight' overwhelmed the former; then Satan has won!


I'll be honest, I've been avoiding all the news services lately, mainly because I'm sick to death of the Corona Chan stuff, but it means I'm a little out of touch with the US election as well. This guy is a bit of a worry though for sure. Let's see how it works out. Not long now.

This may start the largest armed conflict in History. We truly live in interesting times!

I pulled in another 2000 rounds of SHTF hunting ammo.


Yeah, it'll all tee off soon I think...Let's see. I'm stackin' freedom pills too...Always do so.

Just split 1000 308 points with a buddy, and I am premoving some stuff to the homestead. I think I'll cast up another thousand 45 ACP, and alox lube them.


You have to be prepared mate, there's no telling what may transpire.

Prepping 101, been ready for a long time now. I didn't plan on being sick for a couple of weeks, so I am behind where I had planned to be, on supplies pre-moved to the homestead. But overall, it is good progress.


I see many Americans have turned out to vote already. Someone told me almost 48% of the total amount who voted in 2016 have already voted. Let's see what that does to the results. It looks like a country divided from all the way over here, but then again I'm a long way off so maybe I'm wrong.

Glad you're on the mend and are back on track.

They have to stuff the ballot box to overcome the popularity of our President, to have any chance.

They want to cheat without getting caught, so they can claim the moral high ground.



He is one evil man! But 180 years?


He is a long-liver! LOL !

Or a lilly liver, LOL! His mind is likely eaten up by STDs, but he has nothing left memory wise....


And how old is Biden?

74...and rotting quickly! You can only be this Evil for a limited time, then it begins to rot you from the inside out.


Hey, did you see that about the water mark issue on the ballots? I hope that's true.

They always are sloppy on their forgeries because they know that no one will call them on it!

That's about to change! Jail these treasonous frauds....


Exactly, they've been getting away with cheating for way too long. Hey, did you see this astounding bit of news?

Saw it, but it is up to 2 million stolen votes now. Has to be a lot higher, because it was used in 30 states!

They need to prosecute this, with public execution upon conviction.

This is high treason!



I pray someone in Washington DC grows a backbone between now and the 6th, and raises hell in the House and Senate as they should! If not I think the Republic is done, shake my head. I don't think it'll hold together do this kind of shenanigans, and criminal activity! Reason for personal gain is an ugly thing, and it will bring ruin and destruction one way or another. Some people really really really objected this and they kind of scare me! So stay safe down there be as low profile as you can manage.


What does this mean? "Some people really really really objected this and they kind of scare me!" Some one threatened you? That's what's happening to all our politicians. It used to be that you just had to have thick skin to be a politician. Now you have to be willing to put your life on the line!

I have heard people say if biden is sworn in, they will Lock and Load: and wait for the troops to arrive to take their firearms!

If he is sworn in after rejecting all the court cases on technicalities, and reviewing no evidence of voter fraud; it means our court system has totally failed us! That also means that the Republic is done. I hate it but that's where we are....

My fear is generic, I'd like to avoid blood in the streets! With the closer we get to this, it looks like the chances of that happening reduce daily.

It will be interesting to see what happens when 75 million people refuse to comply with the federal government. It doesn't bode well!