Denver Changes Pit Bull Ban

in #politics2 months ago

This rule has been around for decades and lawmakers have just recently repealed the anti-pit bull ban in the region.

Roughly 64 percent of voters were in favor of overturning the pit bull ban, while about 35 percent stood against it and wanted to continue criminalizing these dogs for ownership.

Pit bull bans have been introduced in other regions as many people live in fear of these animals and believe that they are naturally prone to be aggressive and dangerous, but many pit bull owners out there will tell you this just simply isn't the case.

Pit bulls might be one of the most misunderstood animals as many people ignorantly judge them and assume they are going to be aggressive without even getting to know one of them first. Experts have previously insisted that pit bulls are not any more aggressive than other dogs might be. And it might be dog intelligence, not breed, that is the biggest factor of whether or not that animal might get aggressive.

Pit bulls aren't even formally recognized as a breed in fact, this description can refer to dogs like an American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, or the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

The commonly used term “pit bull” can and has been used to refer to a wide mix of dogs that have certain physical traits. This is why there have been dogs that have been unlucky enough to look like pit bulls that have been put down.

In places that have thought about introducing these breed bans, seeking to criminalize pit bulls, that has meant that some families have had to be confronted with the reality of getting rid of one of their family members. This has been forced upon them for no good reason other than the unjustified fear of others.

It isn't right to criminalize dogs in this way, people should have every right to own a pit bull for a dog if they choose that for themselves and their families, rather than a group of outsiders deciding for them.

Good dogs die under these unjust restrictions against certain dog breeds.

Rather than punishing them for fear of what they might do in the future, people should have their basic liberty respected to own whatever dog they want so long as they aren't harming anyone else or their property with it.

These bans do not keep us any safer and they only unfairly tarnish our judgement of good animals, giving them a skewed and negative reputation that's fueled by ignorance.