Testing Partiko Front-End - Why people use Steemit or any similar Tribe front-ends?

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Not the best and Not the Worst

Being a loyal user of SteemPeak it really sets the bar high for me to find any other front-end interface acceptable. Sadly pretty much every single tribe is using a fork of Steemit, and that makes me a very sad Scribble..

Where is the originality? Honestly I was half expecting the tribes to do it differently. I expected them to have originallity in the front-ends they were making. I don't understand all the work that went into these Steemit forks when really they could just officially enable their tribe on SteemPeak, write a detailed post explaining to their community how to filter their feeds and use tribes effectively on SteemPeak and call it a day.

It's true, you can see and use any Tribe from the comfort of SteemPeak, and when you post all you need to do to be part of the tribe is make sure to use the tribe's tag within the first 5 tags of your post (SteemPeak supports using 10 tags, but some dApps only search or consider the first 5 tags in the post active)

Another thing I realise that even the most loyal Peakers don't know is that the integrated wallet allows for transfering of Steem-Engine tokens as well as showing SBI unit balances and sponsoring! Albeit we do not yet have the ability to transfer tribe tokens staked, so that is maybe the one thing anyone would need to use the tribes front-end for, but I know SteemPeak has that feature coming soon down the pipe, as well there is always the option of using Discord bots - which most of us spend majority of our time on when we are not on STEEM.

SteemPeak does it Better

I am trying out Partiko for the first time right now, just to see what options it provides and if it lives up to the hype. There are some things I like and some things that are just 'meh'. The only thing it has that SteemPeak doesn't do better are Partiko points. Those would be the only reason I could see myself using Partiko once in awhile, just to do the daily stuff to earn points. One-thousand points can be redeemed for an upvote worth 1 STEEM on your post. So this here post serves two purposes right now, Partiko test and Partiko point redemption!

It doesn't really have all the much though, compared to SteemPeak where I am spoiled. Even the feed on Partiko can't be as filtered as I thought it could, and it doesn't include all the tribe tags - for example I had to use search to find posts using #neoxian.

I really love SteemPeak and think it is the best front-end for STEEM and I feel confident enough to say that now that I've used Partiko, which I thought would be the best competition against SteemPeak that people who only know about or use Steemit and similar front-ends are really missing out on the great blogging experiance that is provided via SteemPeak. Steemit is really lacking, and for a system built on blogging and curation, it's rather sad how 'vanilla' Steemit is!

Here is what your missing by not using SteemPeak:

The great SteemPeak features include;
  • Integrated wallet - SBI units and upvote balance displayed - Steem-Engine token balances and transfer ability - Power-Up/Down, Delegate STEEM, Convert SBD - Transaction History - Claim all STEEM/SP rewards (with 'claim all se tokens' feature coming soon too!) - Even if you never used SteemPeak, you can view anyone's wallet or your own by going to the url https://steempeak.com/@username/transfers - I use this to check SBI balances when I am looking for someone with low/zero units to gift
  • Account Switcher - Easily switch between multiple accounts without needing to change the page your viewing!
  • Personal feed and Explore(discover) feed customization options - 'favorites' feature where you can 'favorite' a user without needing to follow them (for example: cases of wanting to see/save bots or services which don't post often or who's posts you don't want to see in your feed but you want easy access to their profile) - You can favorite tags and curators for easy access and this is an easy way to filter to just a tribe's post for example - You can change the sort order to be by most rewarded post, trending, or newest posted content first - You can create lists to add users to and then select a list to view only posts from those users in your feed, similar to Twitter lists
  • Multitude of features for posting, many not supported anywhere else! - Write a post and schedule it to post sometime in the future! Great if you have a lot of finished work but don't want to post them all on the same day! (I find it better to spread posts out by at least 8 hours anyways) - Save post templates. This is great if you post the same type of post each week (like a certain contest, or a data post). With templates, it's basically like saving a post to reuse over and over again! A great way to save footers and specific post markups. It even saves the post tags so you won't forget which ones you used last time you ran that contest! - DRAFTS! Yes, drafts are a life-saver! I always feel you should start your drafts off-site to begin with (see my [post on stackedit][post]) but once I finish the rough draft I usually copy them over to SteemPeak at that time to polish them up with the final formatting and proof-reads. - Post countdown. Great for running a contest which has a specific end time for entries. The countdown can be viewed by others using Steempeak and shows the remaining time until the countdown expires. (There will be a small red banner at the bottom of the post in feeds saying "Expires in 2 days" for example)
  • Witness Approval from profile pages - No longer do you need to go to a seperate place to vote for witnesses or need to type in the witness if they are not in the top 50. Any user who is also a Witness will have "Approve Witness" button in the place of the "Follow" button on their profile page! ('Follow' option for witnesses is then in the 'Actions' button menu)
  • Vote Weight Slider for ALL users - On Steemit, red-fish and minnows do not have an upvote weight slider until I believe they have powered up 100 SP (my number could be wrong) - I do know some tribe front-ends also support this feature, but it's definately important to have for conserving Vote Mana! - This is the same for Downvotes, and yes SteemPeak does support downvotes, but it is found in the '3-dot menu' at the bottom of posts. - The slider also tells you what value your vote weight will be worth! (keep in mind these are always best estimates)

Those are some of the best features in my opinion and the ones I use very often, most daily. There are also some great UI tweeks within settings, like the ability to sort comments 'newest first' and the option to use the post author's mute list in the comments. There is of course a dark and light theme mode, and a setting to enable a 'porfolio view' on your profile, which is great for those photographers out there as it basically showcases all images used in your posts in a nice gallery view available as a tab on your profile page.
You can also pin a specific post to the top of your blog, but I believe only others viewing on SteemPeak will see the post at the top.

SteemPeak supports KeyChain and SteemConnect logins.

Maybe you already use SteemPeak and like me you hate when you click on a link that takes you off of SteemPeak to another front-end. That used to drive me bonkers, I'd need to change the links manually and it just made for an annoying experiance.
Well be annoyed no more! Here is an extension that works for most of the popular front-ends, it will change their links to route you to SteemPeak instead!
I Love SteemPeak extension

(FYI: To those who don't know, any Steemit link can be changed to use any front-end, by just changing the part before the first forward-slash(/). For example https:/steemit.com/tag/@username/post-permalink is the same as https://steempeak.com/tag/@username/post-permalink.
And also with any post link you can also omit the tag portion, like so: https://steempeak.com/@username/post-permalink)

Final Thoughts

Well, I will probably keep Partiko Android installed on my Chromebook just to pop on every once in awhile, earn some points and then return to the comfort of SteemPeak. I'll probably only post from Partiko when I want to redeem my points for an upvote, and I'll make a few comments here and there to rack up some points, otherwise there is nothing that amazing that Partiko can offer me.

Partiko points are a great incentive, and you know me - I can't turn down ways to earn free crypto!

How about you guys? How long did it take you to realise there was something other than Steemit.com for using STEEM? Did you know about SteemPeak or Partiko points?
Did you know you can access and use all tribes easily from SteemPeak? Are there reasons for using the specific tribe front ends I hadn't thought of? Let me know in the comments!

💋 «[Kharma♪Scribbles]» 💋

Post-post draft edit: I just looked at the post preview in Partiko, and it doesn't even support reference style markdown links! Nor does it support raw HTML like center alignment or sup/sub script. Yuck! I see so many people use Partiko (because of that stupid 'posted with Partiko' signature they append) and it might even be worse than Steemit. Steemit and Partiko plagues of STEEM..

heh, this is strictly my opinion and I reserve the right to be as harsh as I see fit.. but your milage may very and I won't hate you for your opinions.

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Posted using Partiko Android ONLY KEEPING THIS HERE BECAUSE THIS WAS MY PARTIKO TEST POST! - I will be removing this shit from any comments or subsequent posts I make on Partiko in the future.


..sounds great..have to try it, thx..up.. follow you..

Thank you so much for being an awesome Partiko user! You have received a 10.03% upvote from us for your 1175 Partiko Points! Together, let's change the world!

AFAIK partiko hasn't updated to the recent HFs.. We're you using a droid or iPhone to test partiko? It's iPhone app is pretty meh but for a mobile only user like myself when it's working like its supposed to its the smoothest most intuitive front end for a droid user. Steempeak is great and has all the cool features and bells and whistles but it's layout and design isn't suited for a mobile user. I always feel like I want to zoom in OR out and it's not as fast as partiko. It's a bit slow and clunky to navigate between pages..

All that being said I use both partiko and steempeak...

Posted using Partiko Android

I use my Chromebook, so it's Android's app version.

I'm just saddened by the lack of posting features mostly, and I forgot to mention that SteemPeak allows you to create beneficiary on posts and comments. I use @likwid as beneficiary on my posts sometimes to get my SP author rewards paid out as liquid STEEM instead of SP at post payout.
And I don't even know if Partiko makes themselves a beneficiary to get a portion of posts rewards as a 'user fee' like some dApps do, sometimes sneakily, sometimes taking up to 15-20% of the author rewards!

N: Just looked here on SteemPeak and no, Partiko does not take a portion of rewards. Well that will give them another star as they are in the minority there!

If Partiko didn't update then all their reward values and ect must be out of wack.. and does that mean it's a dead project? I mean.. no word on why or if they will ever update? I am not a fan of using abandoned software :o

Also I did not see a dark mode option in Partiko.. I'm dark mode crazy - not even to prevent blindness but also because I find the theme suits me better. I am dark inside I guess D:

Your dark soul lol ! I'm not familiar with chromebook? But I'll assume you tried partiko on a droid..

I agree wholeheartedly that aside from preferences the major issue is it's a dead or abandoned project.. The last utterance from partiko was 2 months ago after I trolled them relentlessly at every turn. Finally someone came back with a slightly snarky yet overwhelmingly cryptic "we are transitioning" message..

Since then not a peep.. Maybe the dev is building a mobile dapp for Dan at voice 😂!!!

If the awesome and approachable team at steempeak would just roll out a dedicated mobile version I could stop bitching and moaning about what is from my perspective one of the biggest failings of steem. Not having a smooth n fabulous mobile app in 2019 for a, supposedly innovative technology is extremely concerning and would be a red flag for any and every investor or mass adopter alike.. If I were Trump I'd tweet "steem has bigly blown it, I don't like decentralised stuff because I can't figure out who to fire, SAD! "

Posted using Partiko Android


Thank you so much for being an awesome Partiko user! We have just given you a free upvote!

The more Partiko Points you have, the more likely you will get a free upvote from us! You can earn 30 Partiko Points for each post made using Partiko, and you can make 10 Points per comment.

One easy way to earn Partiko Point fast is to look at posts under the #introduceyourself tag and welcome new Steem users by commenting under their posts using Partiko!

If you have questions, don't feel hesitant to reach out to us by sending us a Partiko Message, or leaving a comment under our post!

This is gold.

You can also use the front end for palnet as well

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We appreciate the shout out ... but better than that is seeing the list of things you love the most that does help us understand how our users are using the site.

There are so many things I didn't mention, like being able to set a beneficiary is another important feature for me! Thanks for the support!

It would be great if @steempeak made a mobile app. I use @partiko mostly but it needs some work. It’s the best of them I think. I could never get esteem working properly. !giphy-tip 250

Posted using Partiko iOS

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You're not the first person I've heard who had trouble with SteemPeak on mobile, though they claim to be mobile friendly so giving them feedback about the problems you have will allow them to fix it because they are always eager to please their users and very responsive devs.

Have you tried using them with a different browser? If you use mobile Chrome or a Chrome clone (like Brave, Kiwi etc.) have you looked through chrome://flags to see if there is something enabled (or disabled) that might be causing SteemPeak to operate poorly?
(FYI: 'Kiwi Mobile' browser is a Chrome clone which supports Chrome extensions on mobile, like Steem Keychain, and they can be installed easily right from the Chrome Web store as well ;) )

I'd prefer a dedicated app like what Partiko does. I use mobile Chrome on my iPhone and it works, just a little slow. Thanks for the other advice :)

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