President Trump takes a victory lap when he is acquitted of all charges, a well earned victory!

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When the inevitable happened, and Adults reviewed the "Articles of Impeachment" sent up from the House; they found them without legal basis. As a direct result of Kindergarten level work in the House, the resulting Articles of Impeachment were proven to have no core at all.

I would call them a joke, but sadly this is NOT very funny! They have used an important legal process as a political tool, cheapening it against any possible future real needs!

Image from article:
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I love the headline!

Article on President Trump's Victory Lap:

President Trump deserves a celebration, after over three years of unsupported attacks; he has been acquitted of both! Their inability to find any crimes, is making them try to make up false crimes. The result is that this lying only makes them look crazy and partisan!

The Senate’s acquittal of President Trump has set off a chain of interesting reactions. First and foremost, Trump is acquitted forever and will go down in history as such. Furthermore, the GOP’s loyalty to the president has been further revealed, as has Democrats’ blind hatred and desperation.

They have looked pretty desperate, and quite childish; which makes this look more like a temper Tantrum, in a kindergarten class!

The president took time to remind Americans of his vindication from both sham articles of impeachment. Unlike the Democrats, Trump never obstructed justice or abused power at all whatsoever. The transcripts of the phone and Ukraine President Volydymr Zelensky both confirmed this, despite the left’s attempts to act like these pieces of evidence don’t exist.

Our President brings up the next likely attack from the liberals. Never think that they have lessened their level of hate, nor their intention to continue to use any method, legal or otherwise; to attack the POTUS!

Trump censured the Democrats as “sick” and “evil,” professing that they’re likely to try “cooking up” more nonsense in the not-so-distant future. These thoughts are not unwarranted. On multiple occasions, Speaker Pelosi has alluded to the possibility of Democrats attempting to remove Trump from office yet again.

You can be certain that they are working on their next attack, as we speak! This is no surprise, they have said so themselves.

I posted on this exact problem, a couple of days ago:

President Trump explained it as follows:

When addressing Schiff and Pelosi, the president branded them as “horrible” individuals. Yesterday, Trump also didn’t hesitate to call out the Speaker for alleging that she “prays for” him. The president expressed that while Pelosi may, in fact, pray for him, she doesn’t do with positive intentions, but rather the precise opposite.

Pelosi had to lash back, as expected:

Following the president’s press conference on his acquittal, the House Speaker claimed that Trump isn’t informed about faith or prayer.

It is amazing that she even mentions Faith or Prayer, since she is a Minion of Satan; and has cut herself off from GOD, by her thirst for power! We all need to pray for her immortal soul....

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Sir smithlabs! He "earned" his victory? How did he do that?

By putting up with three plus years of unwarranted attacks, and being aquitted....