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RE: Disturbing Sculptures w/ @kus-knee

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Ha haa, loved your mummy comment. So true. The one on the left definately looks 'wrapped'. They are a bit macabre in places, that's for sure. I guess there is room for everything in the world of art, though I prefer the more realistic, but can appreciate the variability. Even in the underfed dog and guy world. The shadows are a real plus. I think you should head back, and if you need to, bring your own light, and make a whole series...CreepyShadowsByDay. You'll make a mint. (Necco?) Cheers to a cool post.


Thanks, DD. You aren't too far away. You guys should make the trip for this. The exhibit feels a lot like you are peering and Egyptian artifacts. They also have a video chronically his process. He really was an artistic master. I am so glad I have a gallery membership because I am going to haunt the place over the next few weeks. My son loves it too.

I'll get back to you on the shadow exposé. LOL:):):)