White Lives matter!

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Today I was walking in the park near where I live and saw that there is new graphite. In fact, I'm not surprised - this is quite common in our country.


The interesting thing in this case was its message.

"White lives matter!"


It gave me food for thought.. Some people would first think it was a racist sign, wouldn't they? But if they are wrong? I really think that all people are equal.
I have friends with different skin colors, with different religions and from different ethnicities.

If you get out of stereotypical thinking, you will understand that the more open-minded you become, the more good things happen to you and you look at the world with different eyes!

People, love each other!

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I agree with you. I just wish politics would stop dividing the country so much. I sincerely wish that people could just talk and compromise on a solution, but unfortunately social media and the big news networks keep fanning the flames on both sides.

My friend I don't understand politics, but I do believe that the ones who are dividing the country are the people and the stereotypes..

Some people would first think it was a racist sign, wouldn't they? But if they are wrong?

It doesn't matter. You're racist, I am racist, everyone that is not bowing to BLM slogan is a racist. In US 'All Lives Matter' is considered racist, this is a world we live in now

@jocieprosza Thanks for stopping by. I am not telling that I don't respect the BLM slogan. As I said for me all the people are equal! So I can't say that I am a racist. By the way I didn't know that in US "All Lives Matter" is considered as racist..

All lives matter! Happy 2021! 👏 😎

@seckorama Happy New Year :)))

Interesting, i personally cant relate to the whole movements because i dont want to pretend to be someone cool that always supporting popular movements which i dont have any knowledge in. But i do agree with the statement and personally, i cant find any racist intentions behind that phrase.

Yay! 🤗
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I agree with you that "all lives matter" but there is the fact that not just the history behind the issue but location also plays a part. I can think of several locations where I live where spray-painting that would be extremely provocative. Just like the Goulston Street graffito when religious tensions were high in London there are times and places where words can cause enormous potential damage.

Hm.. It can be considered as provocative by people who are not open minded. If you are a radical thinker, you may find a reason to hate.. I used to live in a "ghetto" near Baltimore, and I can say that I have not been so well received anywhere else.
The fact that I am white and from a country that most of the persons who were living in this community have not heard of, didn't give anyone reason to hurt me. :)

You missed that time last August I got a bunch of downvotes from a user because I wrote that the poll tax against African Americans after the American civil war was wrong. Those downvotes weren't because of that opinion. It's because as a caucasian I don't have the right to have an opinion about that part of history.

It's weird when someone complains about how their race gives them a disadvantage to someone who is disabled. I doubt he'd trade my Aniridia and cataract for his skin color thinking that it would make his life better. He was probably too busy downvoting to ponder that for very long.😀

No lives matter. 😂