Should I return? I've been SO busy on Youtube. Hello this thing on?

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Hello all, I've thought of all of my Hive/Steemit friends a lot over this past odd year. However, having taken the full plunge to trying full time Youtube, I've had very little time to write posts here. I'm wondering, however, should I simply start sharing my youtube videos here? I'm never sure if this community cares about Youtube as a platform.

It is a new year but many things are still rather similar to last, yet there is always hope and silver linings to find. If you like a slow paced quiet calm (hopefully not boring) life then my Vlog is simply me living that quiet life by the sea. And I LOVE to throw in trips to antique shops when I can (we're opening up a bit more in my state, so that is good news for antique hunting)

Well, then HIVE , How are you? I am well...Here is one of my Many weekly vlogs, ENJOY:


Some of us don't care for Youtube as a platform (or perhaps more specifically because Google owns it) but will still watch/upvote posts where people have embedded their Youtube videos XP

Up top you whether you come back or not I guess, is it going to fit in with everything else you're doing?

How's the full time Youtube going?

Well hello @ryivhnn fairly well, it is a LOT of work and quite literally FULL time. I basically have a daily shoot edit video to get out my 2 weekly videos and then the social aspect as well as DO the things IN the video (art, garden, live my life LOL) I've also started a Patreon so there is a video for that as well, it's a lot of work, but it's been a fun and interesting challenge. The money is not great Ha ha If I didn't enjoy the over all aspect of it, I'd probably have hung it up all ready, I've worked hard for the 6k followers I have thus far , but it is a GREAT community of commenters.

And how are you and your bit of the world?

I have this vague recollection of telling you that video editing was pretty full on once upon a time when you were first exploring the idea XD Then doing the actual social side of things is another full time job (or at least I find it so just here). Glad you found a good bunch of commenters on Youtube, hang onto those gems as much as you can, most of my experience there is that it's a cesspit.

Everything is great here, aside from no international travel we're pretty much back to normal (so much so that I've noticed people not bothering to hand sanitise and constantly forgetting to do the contact tracing now and the people in the bigger department stores who have to count people in and out look like they would rather not be doing that). My project is driving me mad as usual but is otherwise still going (way too slowly for my liking) XD

Yes I knew FULL well going in it was going to be FULL time and then some. I'm still having to fit in Art making/managing sales and also running my house and enjoying my garden, lol, let's say I'm never bored haha.

Yes, I find many of the people on Youtube very kind and loving and really a great community. I also found that here as well, so am happy to come back to it :)

Good luck with your big project you have a LOT of work and most of it goes over my head, LOL.

Something made me think of your posts the other day and I realized I had not seen anything from you in a long time.

Hope all is going well.

Hey Donna! I read this post a few days ago, but then something distracted me and I forgot to leave a comment ^^
And now I see that you started posting your videos here! That's great, because that was exactly what I wanted to suggest in my comment :-)
I'm very rarely on YouTube, but I always enjoyed your vlogs a lot. So I'm very happy to be able to view them here :-)

So nice to have you back <3