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RE: Analysing the effect of the Yamato season on stardust

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Frankly speaking, exploration is not adding stardust for me. I lost more explorers (one time they are priced around 300 SD, recent yamato module hit the ship price hard.) then the stardust I found through the exploration.
If I remove the one planet that I found through exploration, I am net negative .

Finding the planet is luck but I think finding stardust should not be luck. You can come up with calculation how the 70K SD can be distributed to all exploration ranging from 10SD to 100 SD.


The chance to find Stardust is relatively high at 10% - so this will normally be relatively reliable to calculate I would think. On average, you should find 2x Stardust before the explorer is lost, which should bring you on average 310 Stardust. You can be lucky or unlucky of course, but this is much less relevant compared to finding planets.