The New Normal Isn't Normal and Never Will Be

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Throughout history we see examples of psychopaths that have been restrained by society being unleashed in extraordinary events, and wreaking destruction. We have grasped the concept of geological time, and historical time is comparable, but differs in scale. Rather than millions of years between catastrophe as in geological time, hundreds of years, or even decades, punctuate historical time.

We don't live in historical time, so our experience, lived in personal time on a scale of months and years, teaches us that the world is stable, catastrophes unlikely, and sailing smooth.

But it isn't.

Events today are unprecedented in our experience - but not in history. Therefore we should consider them not from our personal perspective, but from the perspective of historical events, and history is replete with war, genocide, and catastrophes, when societies are stressed to the breaking, and the murderous no longer bound by it's conventions.

When such breakdowns occur the psychopaths unleash their yearning for blood, and the lords of mankind deploy them for their own profit. We see a litany of such events in the past, and there is no reason to expect that, somehow, today, we have been unburdened by psychopaths. We should observe that when society breaks down, they are unleashed, and consider the deliberate destruction of societal norms ongoing as intended to unleash them for the profit of overlords.

Society cannot adapt to social distancing. In some places the populations are so dense that it's a laughable idea. Everywhere society depends on relationships, and keeping apart simply isn't productive of human society. It cannot last, and isn't intended to. It's intended to break society and unleash the war, genocide, and destruction that enables profitable looting.

Ordinary people aren't psychopaths, and aren't obsessed with harm and murder, so we can't relate. We can see from history that such people do exist though, and have been unleashed from time to time, in the Holodomor, Stalin's purges, Mao's Great Leap Forward, Pol Pot's Killing Fields. In each of these events only decades past, psychopaths bent on death and destruction were empowered by overlords to wreak it, so the overlords could gain.

The concurrent policies being globally implemented today are that unleashing. It isn't simply coincidence that the riots happened before federal troops hit the streets in American cities. The riots unleash the troops. Them intent on troops on American streets, on martial law, need to break societies norms so that they can unleash the dogs of war, and that's what the riots did.

The elimination of small businesses isn't a coincidence, or stupidity by drooling idiots that somehow lucked into controlling $T's. Destroying the economic resilience of society breaks society, and this too unleashes the dogs of war, baying for blood. Social distancing breaks families apart, loved ones kept away, where they cannot defend their families. How many times have we read the stories of folks prevented from visiting their family members when they were in hospital, at their most vulnerable, leaving them unprotected from the rapine corporations profiting from illness and death?

It isn't just hospitalizations that break the basal familial structure of society. Institutionalization of every kind is destructive of that structural component of society. Schools, jails, jobs, stores. All of them now limit entry, prevent families and friends from sticking together and being able to provide mutual aid and protection.

It's not inconsequential, and neither accidental. It's unprecedented in our personal experience, but demonstrably multiplies the harms of sudden penury, mob violence, and medical profiteering to kill, destroy, and break society. It's not idiocy. It's malice. When you grant evil intentions to those promulgating these policies, it is plain and obvious how they are not stupidity, but diabolically clever.

It's facile to suppose that by coincidence the entirety of the governments of the world, all the corporations and financial interests, all the NGOs suddenly are controlled by drooling idiots that mean well. The mastery of deception is undeniably requisite to attaining power. An endless litany of duplicitous social climbers is incessantly plastered on courtroom dockets daily, as society yanks their leashes. It's not abnormal or uncommon for thieves and liars to seek power and position. It is the standard of operations. It is uncommon and almost inconceivable for honest people to do so with integrity, because the system itself is now controlled by the crooks, and not we good members of society.

We're not conniving bastards, so we don't relate. We don't project their mores and ethics. We project our own on them, and their soothing lies sound just like what we want to hear, just like what we would say ourselves, were we undertaking policy, so we naturally believe. But we aren't savagely scrambling for power for a reason, and they are.

They know what we want to hear, because that's what they do: deceive for gain. The best at the worst rise the highest and gain the most. It's not a coincidence of drooling morons that have run the gauntlet and gained power. It's the most cunning and duplicitous, most willing to trangress any boundary, commit any crime, and clever enough to conceal those crimes from the naive, that have risen to power today.

So, when we look at the world today, at these policies we see will obviously wreak destruction on society, we are fools to think that destruction isn't the goal. We are given uncounted examples in history of ruthless overlords doing exactly that over and over again, and unleashing madmen whose greatest joy is the most perverse and bloody harm, to break the boundaries of power and gain it.

Only the thoughtful will consider carefully history in regarding the present, and only doing so enables good preparation for what is coming. History reveals most fail to reasonably prepare, and succumb to disaster. That's why those events are disasters, because so many succumbed.

Practical considerations that best enable surviving disasters hinge more on social cohesion than anything else. Allies are the greatest wealth, because they will guard it with you, and alone you will lose it to your hordes of enemies. Nothing more prevents this than social distancing.

Alone we are like grass, and can be mowed down trivially. Many little fibers together are like a great tree that can withstand even raging inferno. Trees take that form for a reason, and so do societies. Grass survives because the little blades are of little consequence, and easily replaced.

Do not be separate little blades and expect to withstand the inferno. Blades of grass are consumed and replaced by infernos. Strong communities, like big trees with thick bark, can withstand inferno with their exterior defenses, which individual blades of grass cannot support.

Your greatest treasure is not your coin. It is your neighbors, your family, your society. Consult history, consider current events, and invest wisely.

Society is being broken so corrupt overlords can seize it's wealth. Preserve society first, and your wealth will be preserved.


Its time to unseat the so called experts who only seem to really excel at our pain for their profit. Saw this video earlier today and maybe you could do a post on it as you have a good reach here. Lots of credible science is cited in the anti Covid vaccination (and the industry as a whole) that those pushing it can't deny if you bring it up.

I've seen this video making the rounds, but haven't found time to give it a go yet. Would you recommend it?
I think I read some quote of douche-witz lately where he said people do not have the right to refuse a vaccine - or something to that effect. In the past, Dershowitz has portrayed himself as a champion of free-speech and individual rights in many cases, so it's hard to imagine how he can reconcile these seemingly differing positions.

Yes, it is possibly the best video I've ever seen on vaccination. I always here the derogatory term anti-vaxxer associated with the line of reasoning that anti folks are idiots who don't understand or approve of science. Kennedy shares so much science there is no room left on the table for those claiming to use science against those not for vaccinations. To be for vaccinations in their current role is to be anti science.

Dershowitz is arguing we don't have the right not to be mandated being vaccinated. After the case he cited was shredded by Kennedy, he changed a little to say that we wouldn't be allowed in public for any reason without being vaccinated. The current vaccination they have in mind for us is only using the healthiest of people as specimens, including their family medical histories. Of those being given a full dose, there is a 20% hospitalization rate. He also cited that for all vaccinations (since they no longer have any legal liability preventing them from being sued for discovery on what they know as well) they only watch for adverse affects for 3-5 days or so. I can't convey the deep research Kennedy gives in this video, which is why I think it should be shared. I don't do Threespeak or have a Youtube account so trying to find someone who will upload it to Threespeak now and discuss this in their own post.

Thank you for asking about it, and please do watch it. I don't download many videos, and this one was obvious very quickly I needed to preserve it as it fits exactly with what they are scrubbing. Even Google is in on it. Their latest round of tweaks for website owners penalizes anyone discussing medical/health.

This next link is using the premier traffic tool used by website/blogging pros.

There are many more links discussing Googles censorship, but that last one really focuses on it. I saw somewhere but don't want to look to hard right now that their latest update in May hurt those sites even more.

I finally watched the debate and it's excellent. Thank you.
Kennedy knows this topic like the back of his hand and makes a compelling argument, and also in a very respectful and tactful manner.

I certainly remember that the CDC owns numerous vaccine patents - which is insane - but I had almost forgotten about one the 1986 law exempting vaccine manufacturers from liable - this is unconscionable. Something few are aware of but that is a critical factor in these debates.

National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986

Provides that no vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death: (1) resulting from unavoidable side effects; or (2) solely due to the manufacturer's failure to provide direct warnings. Provides that a manufacturer may be held liable where: (1) such manufacturer engaged in the fraudulent or intentional withholding of information; or (2) such manufacturer failed to exercise due care. Permits punitive damages in such civil actions under certain circumstances.

Like Kennedy, I'm not anti-vaccine but this is incredibly corrupt and the fact that the manufacturers have complete immunity for any injuries/complications/adverse side effects is completely unethical and criminal. The process of testing and trials of any vaccine needs to be scientifically rigorous, open and transparent.

I hope someone has uploaded the video to 3speak.


Well then I'll have to give it a watch asap. I have heard Kennedy talk on the corruption of the CDC years ago and it was very eye opening. Thanks for breaking it down for me though, much appreciated.

I don't think Dershowitz is necessarily advocating for the things that are being proposed and floated as possible public policy, on a personal level. In context, it's more about what he believes the supreme would rule (in favour of mandatory vaccinations) if it was passed by the state as formal legislation and taken to court.

I guess many people will interpret what he is debating in different ways, depending on their own positions.

Is he just being a Douche-o-witz government programmer, or just a making a case based on the constitution - which he says is based on past precedence?

That's the real question we have to ask ourselves I guess;)

I have to hope he is wrong, but he is considered one of the pre-eminent Constitutional scholars in the world.

I find alarming the lack of mention of legal consequences to captive agencies and their corruptocrats as well as USG mandates to be vaccinated with the vile poisons they allow to be sold without manufacturer liability to people today - that making current Covid19 vaccines mandatory sentences tens of millions of Americans to debilitating side effects, and an unknown number of deaths.

Just as Kennedy advocated reading the science papers personally, and not just taking his word on it, you can do the same for Dershowitz by reading the case law. Notably, the smallpox case mentioned did not force the loser to be vaccinated, but merely pay a fine, and that is a huge difference from being forced to submit to having your DNA modified by Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci.

So, relevant case law would involve the draft, as he mentioned, and that is chilling indeed. However being drafted did not alter your DNA, your natural born self, merely putting your life at risk. At least you still died a human being if you died from being drafted.

That is not certain with DNA vaccines.

Yes, I certainly agree with you on all points. I would never advocate for the positions being debated by Deshorwitz...

Reading the actual source material and information yourself, is always a position I take personally over anybody's mere words.

Trying to be fair to Dershowitz, I note he states that his professional assessment of the SCOTUS is different from his personal feelings on the issue of mandatory vaccination.

I'm not certain that's true, but it's what he says.

I agree. As always it will come down to the interpretation of each individual. Whether he is being honest about that, is a different matter altogether.

The one thing I give him credit for, is that at least he was willing to have the discussion with Kennedy. That can only be seen as a positive.

I strongly recommend it.

After the debate, Dershowitz conceded that any mandatory vaccine would necessarily have to be safe and effective.

Frankly, given the corruption and agency capture detailed by Kennedy in this video, it is absolutely impossible any vaccine today, and much less the Covid19 vaccines being rammed through without adequate testing, could meet those standards.

Moderna's vaccine, which there are now millions of doses ordered by the USG, has a 20% major side effect rate. IIRC, Kennedy pointed out that 20% of test subjects had to be hospitalized. I am confident that these vaccines are far more deadly than SARS2. It doesn't have a 20% hospitalization rate. It has a 50% rate of people that didn't even know they had it.

You'll be grateful to Kennedy after watching it, and I am also grateful to @practicalthought for touting it.

LOL My first inclination was to reblog it - but it's in a comment on my own blog. Can't.

I deeply appreciate this information. I have only just seen it today, but I can feel these facts percolating in my principles and beliefs. I think it will impact every post I make from now on. Fauci and Gates positioning themselves under spigots of public money that blast out $B's when government mandates Covid vaccinations is not only horrifically unprincipled, it's an existential danger to everyone in the fucking world.

Listening to Dershowitz I was struck by the horrible realization that our courts are hopelessly corrupt, and the people like Blackrock that are profiting from all this crap aren't going to let the Supreme Court rule on merits and law.

They're gonna be offered what they cannot refuse.


LOL My first inclination was to reblog it - but it's in a comment on my own blog. Can't.

I understand the initial thought why that would be the case. But I think this case is different. I am not the originator of this knowledge, just sharing it to those of influence who I think have the best chance of getting others to see and know this. I look at it as being an advocate and honoring the work Kennedy has done compiling the much needed research into the evil mechanisms claiming to be looking after a trusting publics best interests.

You have a wide audience here, one who actively engages with you which is rare here. Especially with the material you cover/discuss. I know that there are many who seek out your thoughts on a matter, either to break you or break themselves, or to confirm things they suspected but didn't hold the knowledge you have clothed yourself in.

It's imperative that as many people see this as possible, so if you change your mind on posting this I think it would be noble. Your ability for analyses and presenting from that once you dissect would do much to entice others to watch this video, as well as expose those who come at you to discredit as having an agenda rooted in ignorance.

I have just downloaded the video from 3speak, thanks to your efforts to make that possible, and I intend to share it with folks IRL who have so focused on the Trump koolaid they do not grasp that Gates and Trump are on the same team.

This has caused them to not know the facts Kennedy presents, and it is my hope that they can ascertain those facts without having first to disengage their minds from the Trump machine.

Thanks for your kind words, and thanks again for bringing this video to my attention. I make no promises, but rest assured it has become formative in my thinking on these matters.

Edit: I can't reblog my own post. That's all I meant. I didn't mean I couldn't post the video in a new post.

I intend to share it with folks IRL who have so focused on the Trump koolaid they do not grasp that Gates and Trump are on the same team.

Unfortunately everything has become so heavily politicised from both sides of politics, that this is now the new norm. No matter how much data and evidence there is out there that Trump is not fighting the "Deep State", or whatever else you'd like to call it, the reality gets lost in all of the insanity. Trump is not at all against Gates, or any other technocratic figurehead. He is merely playing his part to slowly condition the public into accepting the very thing they think he is opposing. His own brand of social engineering with the help of spin doctors and PR firms.

This has been true from the very beginning of his presidency, but many don't want to hear it in all of the heated debate taking place.

I am constantly amazed at the cognitive dissonance right now, from some of his supporters...just like what happened with Barry O.

This is not a left or right issue either, but a handover of the globe to the technocratic class.

Great article btw!

"This is not a left or right issue either, but a handover of the globe to the technocratic class."

Exactly correct.


Yup, the social distancing, and 'mask wearing' is an attempt to depersonalize everyone with everyone else... and thus, not having any societal cohesion.
Divide and conquer.

As you say, this is not borne from stupidity, but active malice.

Excellent analysis.

I'm note sure whether its deliberate or due to incompetence but the results are the same.

I am fortunate to live in a country which had very strong social cohesion before this and where the forces fighting against this covidiocy are strong and growing.

But its still touch and go whether sanity will prevail.

I hope for your sake the peace of your house and the prosperity of your family are undisturbed.

Blackrock has $27T of assets under management for the USG today. How incompetent could they be? All of the social distancing, payments to hospitals for putting people on ventilators, and mislabeling every death as Covid19, the riots, lockdown, all of it put that money in their hands.

They didn't just get lucky. They got rapine.

That centralization of wealth in their hands is the purpose for which all these oppressions have been undertaken, and their power moved national governments from China to Denmark, Antifa and BLM, the WHO and pharmaceutical companies and Bill Gates to work together to take our wealth.

I mean, they have the money. Do you think people just started throwing it at them?

This is how you get $27T. It ain't pretty. But it ain't incompetence.

Dear @valued-customer, the current Korean government advertises that the corona antivirus provided by Bill Gates is the solution.
So, Koreans have absolute confidence in the vaccine given by Bill Gates. The Korean government is concealing the dangers of vaccines.

Currently, Koreans are being taken to slaughterhouses like innocent sheep.

All I can do is to speak the truth as best I can, and encourage you to not be a sheep, but a rational man to the best of your abilities. You should take neither my words, nor that of the Korean government as gospel, but verify the facts under discussion yourself, so that you can make a rational decision to keep your health and safety as best you can.

No one is responsible or in authority over you in that regard. You will provide your security even if you don't do anything at all. 'If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice'--Rush "Freewill".

No one is responsible or in authority over you in that regard. You will provide your security even if you don't do anything at all. 'If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice'--Rush "Freewill".

Senior, you are right! I must protect my life and property. No one can believe it.

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