NSFS Why The Left & The Right Can Go F*ck Themselves!

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Why the left & the right can go play hide and go fuck themselves! Ode to Greata ShitBird.... If you think state ran schools all over the western hemisphere were closed the same day so kids could skip classes and protest climate change is part of a grass roots movement. I have some ocean front property I can sell you for a handsome discount!? The property is in Kansas... but don't let that put you off. tee hee hee.

When Governments start using schools and children to garner compliance you know that society is about to go full blown Authoritarian. The right and the left both are in support of a version of state/fascist/ communism. The right have the police state and forever wars they whole heartedly support. These forever wars account for a disproportionately large amount of the tax monies stolen from the citizenry then all of the "entitlement programs"that people on the left support!

That said, economically speaking the right are in support of quite a bit more socialism/communism than the left could ever dream of!

The left have environmentalism that resembles an Anti Human Death Cult.
Both wings are totally willing to use the violence of the state to achieve their collective will.
The net result of both of their respective conflict is a chimeric beast hybrid of both extremes.

The middle point between both these nightmares is something out of a Bad Scify Movie.... no sane Human should ever want that!
So... Could You Extremist On Both Sides Just Fuck Right Off!
Mike Bluehair


I Love Me Some BTC.
Cus A MortherFuchersGattaEat!

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fuck me, is their typos?

lol I am just saying 'Word!' but bigger. I completely agree. Although would be interesting to know why do you think the right are pro socialism / communism. Just for the sake of clarity.

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Oh, ok I got ya, thank you kindly. Here are my thoughts on the matter. People on the right tend to universally support the police & military. lets start with the police. Policing is a service that's paid for by government monies collected by the tax man. They are essentially a monopoly on the use and application force to maintain "societal order". The government allows for few other options for people to have this service provided for them. Next lets think about the military. There are literally dozens of perks paid for by tax money that are afforded to both active and former members of the military. For instance, once someone joins the military they get free healthcare paid for by every US citizen for life. They also get brakes on home loans insurance and any number of other things. All this paid for by taxation! If you just look at it from a mathematical point of you, the military cost the citizenry quite a bit more money than any other good or service that's paid for by government tax monies. So, by the numbers people on the right support quite a bit more socialism then people on the left. thanx for the questing. it's good that I have to articulate my words better. Im new to trying to blog. I'm mostly a video guy.

Thanks very much for your answer.

In the end the left and right are indeed wings of the same rotten bird. A means to an end that is the division, control, enslavement and subjugation of humanity.

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yep yep agreed. see ya next time.

Right on Mike. Keep on preaching on man!

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