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Thank you for visiting my blog and Continuing with the series of properties and benefits of fruits and vegetables, today I bring you information about:

Since last year, I have had some memory problems, I forget things, and I have a hard time keeping some. We have been testing some plants, and friends recommended us the pyre, so today I researched their properties.

The pyre is a plant native to America, mainly South America. Here in Venezuela it is very common to see it on the highways, on the sidewalks, parks, in short, in the streets there is much of this plant, but unfortunately its properties are not well known among the population.

The first thing I want to clarify, is that there are many species and that according to the country where they are grown they have different names. One of the most common species is called amaranth. In the case of amaranth, its flowers are red and usually have some side effects, so today I want to focus on the pyre of green flowers.



The main property that I focused on, is indeed, that favors memory. Most of the articles I read highlighted their great effect on memory because it has the property of oxygenating the brain. Stimulates brain activity and thus improving academic performance.


This plant contains a large amount of protein, therefore it is a very nutritious cereal, recommended for those who have some degree of malnutrition. Last year, we made a day at the church where I attend, made pira pancakes to children.

Gluten free:

This plant can be consumed by those celiac people, since it is gluten free, its seeds are ground and from them you can obtain a flour easily consumed by allergic people.

Rich source of calcium:

This plant has a high calcium content, even more than milk, therefore it is recommended for women who start menopause and for children who are in full growth.

High fiber content:

It contains a lot of both soluble and insoluble fiber which allows a balance in our body, slows digestion and prevents constipation. It is also effective for weight loss.

Fight herpes:

Thanks to its high lysine content, it can prevent recurrent herpes infections. In the case of active herpes, it can help heal the lesions.

Immune system:

The lysine, allows to strengthen the immune system, preventing flu and some viruses.

  • Raw: Passing it first through boiled water, and preparing a salad.
  • Infusion: Water is boiled and then fresh or dried leaves are added, let stand for 15 minutes to take advantage of its properties.
  • Capsules.

I hope you like this initiative... you can make suggestions and propose fruits and vegetables for the next delivery.


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Amiga,buen dia Dios la bendiga,que buena piblicacion,yo tome un tiempo el agua de pira ,me lo recomendaron como oxigenante cerebral, pero creo tomare de nuevo,gracias por la informacion,saludos,aqui luchndo con los niños madre,estan bien de Dios la gloria