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Well, it's very exciting to me to launch the second Hive-Engine game. You're invited to start playing and mining Mythical.

What's Mythical?

Mythical is an idle mining game. You purchase miners, and through various staking, mining, and burning activities you farm governance tokens to make your miners more powerful so you can capture the most output. The interaction on the website is quite simple: Buy, Stake, and Burn are your actions. On the social side you're able to form alliances with people to make your NFT miners more powerful.

Why play this?

It's a simple game, it's a fun social experiment, the NFTs you buy are in limited edition, and those NFTs constantly mine tokens which trade on Hive-Engine. Those tokens can either unlock additional NFTs or mine additional tokens when staked.

It's a great learning experience to figure out how concepts hashpower and mining work without necessarily having to spend $10k on a single ASIC or live with a loud blockchain space heater in your office.

Furthermore, $FARM and $FARMGOV that have been mined through FarmFarmer.Farm have been trading at $2, often around $5 and even over $12. So, by owning and staking these NFTs you start mining tokens that people that like the game want. There's just not enough for everyone so hang on tight. Also be careful because Hive-Engine accepts these tokens at $1/FARM.

What can I do with Mythical tokens?

In game:

When you earn $MYTHICAL you can burn them to get additional miners called "Witches." You can also stake $MYTHICAL to earn Serpentis.

When you have $SERPENTIS you can Burn them to get Mages which "boost" your Power score on NFTS that mine $MYTHICAL or get Lords which when staked earn $CONTROLUS.

Boost is an ability that looks at all of your miners and applies to buff to every one you control. If you have 5 boost miners then each one will effectively multiply by your Power score by the boost bonus.

IE You have 100 Power and 5 Boost NFTs that are 1.05. Your new power would be 100 X 1.05 X 1.05 X 1.05 X 1.05 X 1.05 = ~127.

When you earn $CONTROLUS you can burn it to change the "Power" of the Mythical Miners. Power is similar in concept to Hashrate for BTC mining. So you can speed up the power of your miners while slowing down miners you don't own.

Also, don't just send these tokens to null. The burning function will be in the games shortly and the transactions need to be formatted correctly or else you're just wasting your tokens.

Out of game:
It's tough to know. Once these things are out there people can base stuff off of them. It's possible future games will airdrop to token holders here. It's possible these tokens get integrated into other games. It's hard to know when starting what the blockchain world will create from this starting point.

I'll make a point to integrate tokens earned here and in Farm Farmer into future stuff on the Hive-Engine games side.

How much do I need to buy in order to mine stuff?

That's a dynamic number. Your percentage of total mining power is what determines how much you'll mine. There's a lottery every hour and at least for $MYTHICAL 20 prizes of 5 $MYTHICAL each will go out. Each of those prizes is rolled independently so if you have 1% of the mining power then you should statistically get 1% of the $MYTHICAL over time.

Which Miners should I buy?

Ultimately you want to control the most Mining Power for the least amount of money staked. At the start of the game the best miners are the most expensive ones, but over time the rules change so you'll have to stay a little up to date to figure out which are the best miners.

You should take into consideration: total supply, cost, starting power, and distribution when you're making your first purchases. You may want to own only one type. You may want to spread them out. These are the things to consider!

Why launch these games? How is this different than Farm Farmer?

The plan is that as more complexity rolls out into smart contracts for Hive-Engine that I'll roll out demonstration games that showcase how the new smart contracts can be used.

This game is taking advantage of the boost function that's built into the "Dynamic Mining" contract. That's the contract that stores the power ratings of the NFT miners and then the governance portion of the contract allows for CONTROLUS tokens to be burnt in order to change the value of the Power rating in the contract.

In the end, these games provide a source of entertainment for players, the potential to own limited edition NFTs, the ability to mine tokens in a game that people want, and the funds further help develop the Hive-Engine ecosystem.

What's Hive-Engine working on?

The goal is to create many off-the-shelf, no-code, modular smart contracts that game designers, service providers, and businesses can use to create dapps, apps, services, and businesses on the Hive blockchain. By supporting these games you're funding development projects in this ecosystem and helping us all grow.

Aggroed, all this is great and all but I want you to shut up and work on Splinterlands. All this is a distraction.

I get how you could feel that way. There's a couple of things that make me think differently.

To grow Splinterlands we need new players. Simply having a great game and a cool blogging application are clearly not enough to get people en masse to come to Hive to poach. We're in a bull market and Hive is still 10 Cents. We clearly need more.

So, I think it's vital for the Splinterlands ecosystem that other services and businesses form here and I think Hive-Engine is the single best tool on the chain to make that happen.

In order to make that faster and better we need new smart contracts and better tools in the hive-engine ecosystems. Simply having the tools isn't enough we have to document them and showcase how they can be incorporated into things.

It takes money to build these and players have to spend money to buy these things. You'll notice DEC and SPT are available payment methods, which provides an additional usecase for the Splinterlands token holder ecosystem.

Saving the best for last: It's hard to make changes directly to Splinterlands as it keeps growing because the stakes are so high. There's already thousands of people in 142 countries playing around the clock and every change is met with excitement and skeptisim. I drastically prefer to use these new games as sand boxes to explore concepts to add to Splinterlnds because the stakes are much smaller with these simple games. It's on my brain to figure out things like how to use the Splinterlands cards in a idle mining game like this outside Splinterlands, but I haven't figured that out yet. Anyway, before messing with things on production servers in Splinterlands I'd rather do some game design testing through new mini-games on Hive-Engine and double dip that learning experience to pay Hive-Engine devs to make more cool features.

I think you'll see that as we can advance the technology on Hive-engine and enable better trading the volume of Splinterlands stuff will increase, and we should see new types of trading and features available to Splinterlands players.

I'm a communist and think you should make this game work differently.

The great thing about this ecosystem is that the smart contracts on the back end are available for everyone to use. You don't need my permission. You can just make stuff by submitting the appropriate transactions to the Hive blockchain. If you feel strongly that the games or services should work differently because of your political persuasions I would strongly urge you to make your own game or system and test your hypothesis that way. Run the experiment, show success, and who knows, maybe folks will follow.

What's next?

Cryptomancer recently finished the "Pack Manager" smart contract for Hive-Engine. This enables us to create and sell packs similar to Splinterlands. Hopefully before the year is over I'll be able to make a game that uses that functionality. We'll have some packs to sell and I plan on allowing the miners to unlock pack tokens as well!

I'm also interested in exploring payout systems that allow people to get into a witness-like role and earn a percentage of token inflation for promoting these games. These developments are moving along and you should be able to see them in future mini games.

Should be fun!

Reserve the Right

I don't plan to mess with Farm Farmer. If players want a new feature it may get included, but I plan to leave that alone. With Mythical I do plan on coming back after a little while has passed to add more cards that can be purchased through burn cases.




How do you expect players that are invested in Splinterlands to trust that the team won't abuse their power to print and influence card values when bringing out ridiculous schemes like this. The fact that it is marketed as a game also speaks quite loud.

I get it though, people are gullible and there is extreme greed in the market which makes it easy and tempting to bring these kinds of blatant money grabs especially with a likely bull run in 2021.

With all this focus on money, Splinterlands as a game now really more than ever completely feels like pay2win with all the fun and gameplay taken out of it.

Please consider putting more focus on making Splinterlands fun again as right now if feels like it's all about Money & Greed instead of Fun and Gameplay

I still find Splinterlands to be a lot of fun and am excited to see all the new things that have been promised.

Of course, I did have to sink the requisite amount of money into the game in order to be able to say that.

I also feel that the way in which the recent land sale was handled -- with people having a lot of money (aka investors) being treated better than the actual players (particularly smaller ones) -- is going to have a long-term effect on perceptions and new player acquisition (not to mention this new scam that is diverting development effort away from Splinterlands even as they are fund-raising for it with the land sale).

Everyone knows that Splinterlands only cares about "players" (since aggroed frequently insists that non-battling investors are also players as well) in direct proportion to their investment.

I disagree with this. The game is fun, and continues to be for those who take a vested interest in it.


Is this satire?

I think that daily these days

If only.

Hurting for $$ nothing new.

You a mobile game dev now who just reskins games and releases them?

He is like the company Electronic Arts!

EA waits a full year before doing this, not a week.

Is this like the Farm Farmer game then?

Yes another money grab. Same game new card graphics. The only reason this game has 6 cards instead of 10 is he couldn't get 10 cheap enough.

The fact he refuses to accept FARM for splinterlands but expects other games to accept it says a lot.

There is a reason the games are called farm and it isn't because you are farming, it is him.

another ponzi scheme, I'm tired to be honest with hive "games"

it really is, and it's clear he wants to crank these out as it is easy money for him.

It indeed seems to be a money grab, but on the other hand - where would Hive be without Splinterlands and Hive-Engine? Actually it is a win-win situation and we urgently need more "money grabbers" aka business men like @aggroed on this ecosystem to make it prosper financially. The best blockchain leads nowhere without success stories. Look around, we are no longer the only social platform that incentivizes users. We need to provide more and the 2nd layer is so far the only promising next step (or start with some proper marketing, but this seems not feasible since 4 years for reasons I don´t know). Either grow or perish. What is your alternative to grow?

How about all the people that buy into this bullshit farming a worthless FARM token Aggroed says has $1 value but no one would give you that not even him.

Keep creating an ecosystem that uses the $1 rate, and that's what it is. Eventually throw enough mud around and you might end up with a fun fort to play in.

There can´t be only winners. If someone wants to play, he has to pay for it. In the past I was used to to pay for all games, only since recently people believe they can buy a game and earn with it!

And FARM (surprisingly) IS worth >1$ currently.

This was exactly what I was about to say!

The fact that they are even calling this farmfarmer nonsense a game is just a disgrace.
Coming from the guy behind Splinterlands it really makes me think if it's still a smart move to be somewhat invested there especially since the game turned full pay2win taking most of the fun out of it.

I am not super versed in farmfarmer but I was interested in how this was different and went to the section: "How is this different than Farm Farmer?" to see... and yet unless I missed something you didn't say anything how it was actually different. Like for real how is it different what are we testing?

Its my guess that if the game did seem way different and like you were testing some new cool system of hive engine that more people would appreciate the social and technical experiment. But my perhaps untrained eyes don't see a unique test going on.

But I guess perhaps the market will decide and maybe the experiment is how much appetite is there for similar games etc.

In theory the idea of bringing in lots of people to play lots of different games on hive (or not so different games) is spot on. If this post was about efforts to bring them in that would be literally a different story. If its the same hive or splinterlands people playing then not as exciting and kind of destroys the idea... so any stats about how many new people it brought in will be welcomed by us all I'm guessing.

One other interesting positive aspect is that what could be said is how games can be created with speed and ease on Hive. That is an angle I find encouraging and should be a story to share with people that they can make something awesome and hive and hive engine will not be roadblocks to their development but help with part of things and they can focus on unique game play concepts

So many haters. If you don't want in, don't play. Succeed or fail, it's what it is. I personally welcome having more of something, than more of nothing new!

Same thing can be said, if you don't like someone's opinion don't look at it.

Glad you liked mine :P j/k. snark on, marky. got nothin but love 4 u

This is sad!

Feel like this is a bit soon. Between land pre-sales, farm farmer and now this. I don't think the demand is high enough for a 2nd far farmer game so soon.

Interesting new game concept. I'll share this around...


Sorry to say but you have a license to print money. Can I have one too?

Grab yourself a developer, no license is required.

Of course, you have to find gullible people to buy into your scheme.

$200 for an initial card? He's trying to recreate what happened with Splinterlands' original Gold Foil Alphas in a way that makes him a tidy profit as well. He might get investor-types to "play" but I don't see this game attracting real players -- particularly given his clear track record of not treating players well in favor of investors.

Splinterlands has a value proposition of being an excellent game. Figuring out the best strategy for this looks mildly amusing at best -- and you have to REALLY invest to stand any chance. NO THANK YOU!

Splinterlands turned into pay-to-play which is turning into a real problem for attracting and keeping casual new users. This is designed to be pay-aggroed-to-play. If he really wanted to "investigate new concepts", he wouldn't be charging outrageous prices just to help him. For a Peace, Abundance & Liberty guy, he's an awfully savage artificial-scarcity FOMO cut-throat capitalist who doesn't care about or for the "marks" who make him money.

My huge fear is that players of this game will then be given an advantage in Splinterlands. We already have warnings of it above. REALLY UNCOOL.

Actually, though, this looks like it steps over the SEC line unless they have filed with the SEC. Look at the Howey Test. You don't have to have an ICO to violate the regulations. They are clearly selling crypto (which is treated like stock) NFTs with the buyers having an expectation of profits.

Splinterlands is, at least, clearly a very playable game that is likely covered/grand-fathered under the physical CCG case since most players are buying it with an intent to play rather than solely for profit. My prediction has always been that it is just barely on the safe side of the line.

Mythical has clearly stepped over the line. It claims that it is a game but it's clearly a transparent effort to print money. It would be an awesome case for the SEC to demonstrate EXACTLY where the line is.

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Non fungible tokens are treated separately from fungible tokens. I'm careful to avoid selling any transferable fungible token anywhere in any website I operate for fiat. Hive-engine actually registered with FINCEN as a money transmitter to allow this and can legally operate in a handful of states, but I still think it's terrifying enough that I avoid it.

Why not actually finish support for NFTs first? Market history goes back only one day(and even then it has some random ones from random dates) and there's no account history.

It's easily debable whether unbacked NFTs that are issued in more than a small number aren't something that the SEC is going to take an interest in. The fact that, for instance, Splinterlands cards have a specific identifier, come in different denominations and players can "get change" isn't going to change the SEC's mind. As I said, MtG and similar CCGs probably cover Splinterlands. Mythical is a pretty transparent attempt at evasion and the SEC has prosecuted ICOs that claimed that the lack of super-clear regulations forbidding them was going to protect them. I don't see your NFT claim protecting Mystical any more than people who are claiming that their token is a utility token (when it isn't).

Are Mystical NFTs actually on a distributed blockchain or are they like Splinterlands cards?

I'm so happy to find this kind of things in the hive community and really hope to see them thrive and grow in number!
!discovery 35

Also be careful because Hive-Engine accepts these tokens at $1/FARM.

Sounds like a buyback. Is there a way to sell the tokens for $1 without another player having to be interested?

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Hey Marty, You first commented with "It's a Ponzi" and later edited it. I'm going to respond to your first comment. Here's the wikipedia definition of a Ponzi. It's wikipedia so it's more of the common use than the specific legal use, but I think it's a good basis:

A Ponzi scheme is a form of fraud that lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors.

  1. Idle mining games aren't fraud. They use publicly accessible smart contracts that allow users to see how the back end is working. The rules are explained to the best of my ability to communicate how it works in layman terms.
  2. The game doesn't pay profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors. The game has a schedule that's included in the original post for how the mining power and rewards are calculated. The rewards are not a derivative of what was spent. The rewards are separate tokens with separate utilities and burn cases on a set schedule.
  3. Ponzis don't typically have finite ends. There's a very specific amount of NFTs for sale by Hive-Engine. That's a fixed amount. Ponzis are generally meant to be carried on as long as possible. I make an exception for adding new tokens that require token burns, but that's not adding new money to a system but removing existing tokens from supply.

Another way Wikipedia describe a Ponzi is: For schemes that promise rewards based on enrolling ever larger numbers of people, see Pyramid scheme. The rewards available don't fluctuate based on the number of people involved. The contract has a defined payout which isn't influenced by enrolling larger numbers of people.

Ultimately you decided to retract the statement, which I think is encouraging because it means you know you spoke out of turn and that it's not a Ponzi and your comment was inappropriate.

As for Splinterlands accepting FARM: We've denied larger tokens from larger communities. Splinterlands is a separate business with separate ownership. Just because I make things on Hive-Engine doesn't mean that Splinterlands is obligated to do anything. I'm hopeful that if FARM or other idle mining game tokens can achieve significant volume that Splinterlands will accept them. It's not a given that they will. I will however commit to adding functionality for previous Hive-Engine tokens from games into future Hive-Engine games. In this case I'm just accepting the fungible token. In later cases I'm thinking of making cards exclusively available for them.

It's a MonEy gRaB. First off making money on Hive is something that should be celebrated. As far as I can tell there's exactly 2 businesses on Hive that make money: Splinterlands and Hive-Engine. The fact that it's easy to build games and apps is exactly the point of the whole Hive-Engine enterprise and ecosystem. The business employs 9 devs. The employment isn't possible without the ability to generate revenue. Since the DHF proposal is unlikely to get funded it's important to raise money to get additional contracts up so people can build an array of things with modular, off the shelf, smart contracts.

Others have asked "Why publish these so close together?" In part to show what's possible, in part to show there's additional utility to FARM, in part to use a new feature available to mining (boost), in part to raise money for development, and in part to include higher quality graphics in what we're doing.

Lastly, for a little theorycraft, the mining that I invented on Hive-Engine came from a pretty simple thought: How could bitcoin mining be done without using 20% of the world's electrical supply. The idea boiled down to a finite set of miners which didn't have to rely on electricity. Using proof of stake and mining turned into this. The whole thing is modelled after bitcoin. Power is like hashrate.

Anyway, I strongly disagree with you, and the best part of building on the layer 2 is the independence provided there.

Optimus prime would be ashamed of you

Autobots, roll out!

So odd you don't reply to my comment directly.

Hey Marty, You first commented with "It's a Ponzi" and later edited it. I'm going to respond to your first comment. Here's the wikipedia definition of a Ponzi.

Oh I still think it is, but I didn't want to argue over semantics. Either way it is a clearly a money grab and it was clear from your first post you are going to crank out these shit games to raise more money for Aggroed Enterprises.

You really outdone yourself here. Sadly people will still buy Into this bullshit.

As far as I can tell there's exactly 2 businesses on Hive that make money: Splinterlands and Hive-Engine.

And your claim is that all the other games on Hive are losing money? That is clearly not the case for eXode and highly unlikely for the others.

Or is your "as far as I can tell" merely not having done the proper research so you can make an unfounded claim to promote your business?

 2 months ago 

I stand corrected. I'll include dcity, rabona, and rising star games. I lumped them in with hive-engine, but that's fair. What's exode?

eXode is a new space colonization game that's still in development.

So this is a tech demo, mhkay

Aggroed, all this is great and all but I want you to shut up and work on Splinterlands. All this is a distraction.

Aggroed, all this is great and all but I want you to shut up and work on developing some different games. No offense. It's time to diversify the offer. This is getting boring. As I said, no offense.

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But this is easy money. He already made like 50,000 Hive in a week with this nonsense.

He already said since he can't get his proposal funded he will take it from the users with bullshit like this.

Not cool at all.

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There's a lottery every hour and at least for $MYTHICAL 20 prizes of 5 $MYTHICAL each will go out.

Seems like 0.5, not 5.0 as of right now. That a typo @aggroed?

Do you man, people will do what they want with their $$, but work on Hive-Engine a lot more.


Don't really understand why people are so butt hurt over this new game. It's clearly an experimental process and they're just trying out new things. Pumped for when fantasy sports are integrated into this model

Nice money grab! Very proud of you. You should join my empire. We also only run centralised blockchain. You can be Steemy top witness! Already talked to Roi about this. He likes my idea...(If he not liked it. I fired him)


Only one left, be quick!

Wow! I will ask Roi if he gets me the turd for my birthday!

is MYTHICAL also pegged at 1$?