My 5966 dreadnought Gretsch acoustic guitar review

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Review of my 5966 dreadnought Gretsch acoustic guitar. It is a vintage guitar from the 1970's. I bought it in 1977 or 1978 and it has travelled with me ever since.

The name on the headstock is Dorado which means golden and was the name used by distributors back in the 1970's.

Famous Gretsch guitar players include
The Beatles' George Harrison and John Lennon.
The Rolling Stones' Brian Jones
The Who's Pete Townshend

Technical spefications of the Dorado by Gretsch

Guitar Type Acoustic
Body Size Dreadnought
Top Wood Spruce
Sides Mahogany
Back Mahogany
Fingerboard Rosewood
Inlay Pearl
Number of Strings 6
String Type Steel
Headstock 3+3
Bridge Adjustable
Bridge Construction Rosewood
Hardware Nickel
Made In Japan circa 1973
Stringed Instrument
2-Tone Sunburst sometimes known as Hummingbird
Model 5966 Western Rose

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You said 22 frets, but I count 20 :) I don't think many acoustic players get right up there anyway, especially with no cutaway.

You are correct @steevc check the video. I've sorted it our now thanks. My brain is not playing ball with me lately.

I know what it's like when you try to do these things with no script. It's a nice looking guitar anyway.

I love the deeper punchy notes of a dreadnought.

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It sure does have a deep sound. I've posted two videos one after the other tonight as they are closely tied together in terms of the content.

Another good one to watch when you have a chance,

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That was an interesting video. The community is so very important. 👍😋🎸

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