7 guitar chords you need to know

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These are the 7 guitar chords you need to know in order to play literally 1,000's of songs. These are the 7 major chords in the open position and each will sound nice played in just about any order. The major chords are often called the happy chords as they are all full and rich sounding.
Music has it's own alphabet from A to G and it all starts with these 7 chords.
We start at the very beginning with the A chord and work through to the G chord. Each of the chords is timestamped below for easy access.

A Chord 1:18
B Chord 1:33
C chord 1:44
D chord 1:52
E chord 2:00
F Chord 2:09
G Chord 2:14
Hey Joe chords (maybe?) 4:01

As you work your way through these chords try playing just a couple at a time and see if you can find a combination that sound like a song.

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B tends to be tricky for beginners. I know people who have been playing for a while and still avoid barre chords, but I use them all the time. Even with just the first position chords you can play a lot of songs.

I like your bit of Hendrix. I tend to play C G D A E. We have someone who often plays that at our sessions.

Hi @steevc yep the B barre often catches a lot of people out but it's quite simple when they get the hang of it. The Hendrix thing just popped back into my head from years ago. I play it the same as you C G D A E with a couple of slides up to fret 4 and 5.

Even with just the first position chords you can play a lot of songs.

Have you seen these guys that do a load of songs with just four chords? Check this out. Amazing what you can do with 4 chords lol.

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No, no, no, no
you only need 4 cords to play most pop songs. :-p

Its blues that needs all the other chords

Haha Most blues only needs 3 chords E A B and a riff! :-)

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Thanks @shaikmashud much appreciated. @tipu


Cheers @cflclosers that'll do nicely :-)

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