Monomad: Lightning Storm

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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I wanted to share some amazing pictures we took during the lightning storms that were happening at the lake! This is my entry for the #monomad daily challenge. You can find their posts by following the @monochromes account and watch for the daily post!


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Zeus’s Anger

So I think this might the first time we ever captured a lightning strike in a picture! My wife (@ssiena) was taking lots and lots of pictures between our two phones when she finally got the perfect burst. We captured this fantastic bolt and reflection!


I think I like the jagged reflection on the water of the lake better than I like the bolt coming down. It’s a tough choice though!


The lightning storm definitely felt like the wrath of Zeus. It lasted for over an hour! I’ve never before seen a thunder storm that’s lasted so long. We absolutely loved it. Plus what more of a perfect place to watch it than a lake with a perfect view?

Your Favorite?

Let me know which one is your favorite! Drop me a comment below, I would love to know!

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As always a quality content, and a fantastic shot of Thor's anger, although Zeus also handled lightning, but those were different times.

Thanks for saving me in the other comment, I'm learning more and more about Hive.

The best of the best, and successes for that great, electrifying photograph.

Excellent start to the week my friend.

LOL shit thanks I wasn’t thinking about Zeus. I guess I was too focused on the image of Thor in the action movies where he would summon lightning. I’m going to change that right now hahaha. Keep me honest!

You’re welcome in the other post. I am sad that people try to take advantage of us but we have to be alert. I had voted and supported a few people I thought were from Nigeria but turns out they were all scammers. What a shame!

Have an excellent start to your week!

PS you are the first comment I’ve ever upvoted, I normally don’t because I save my voting power for posts not comments but I had to give you some support for that one lol thanks!

I always feel good leaving you a good commentary, because the publication is what inspires the commentary. And yours is quality...
As I always say, thanks for the constant support, it's always good to make sincere friends on the platform.
This week was not very good for me but another one is coming and I hope it will be better, I wish the same to you, my friend.
"Lo mejor"
PD: gracias por el voto🚀

Shared on Twitter with some really good tags! #posh

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Definitely the last one. We have been graced by a series of nice days lately. We should expect similar weather pretty soon coz we need to cool down.

Thanks for agreeing with me LOL yeah I liked the second one better for sure! I did some editing of it in color and it looks a little too dramatic but I love it in black and white!

Appreciate you stopping by as always my friend!

It's always good to see a post from my favorite authors on Hive 😇
Have a good night

Wow! Those are amazing pictures. 👍😁
Definitely, I like more the one with the reflection on the water too. 😍

Thanks! I like them both for sure but my favorite of the two is the awesome reflection shooting across the water. It looks like my fishing line when I first cast it out lol

Appreciate the comment as always!

Love the one with the reflectiono n the water! These are great. Love a good storm!!!!

Thanks so do I! Thunderstorms are my favorite lol

I never understand people being scared!!! It's a fabulous show to witness.

Yeah I know our son was a little scared of the noise at first when he was younger but he saw how much I turn into a little kid and love them lol so he enjoys it with me and my wife just chuckles at us in the background

These pictures are very amazing. I just wish I had a better device take such quality pictures as this!


You don't need a really expensive device, mine was captured on my phone. If you have a smart phone they take pretty good pictures nowadays. The thing to try is a bit of photo editing software, without that the picture wouldn't look as nice!

Oh😱yeah! I once used Lightroom before I changed my device and since then, I haven't even thought of it. Now you mentioned, I will go try it out

Lightroom is how I made this picture look as cool as it does! The original photo is pretty cool but you can't see it as good as you can with some Lightroom editing.

Ooh. Owk. By the way if I may ask, what device did you use to get the picture?

My wife and I both have iPhone 7's. Hers is the plus so it might have a better camera but mine, the 7, is where this picture came from.

I know that some of the Android cameras are possibly better than mine but overall, smart phone cameras are awesome.

Ooh. yea, you right. Well, I'll check it out. Thanks for dropping the hint

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Good view

Thanks for stopping by and checking my post out! I appreciate it. I thought it was a remarkable few pictures we were lucky enough to get!