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RE: Palcoin Launch: A revised whitepaper and token launch by the Minnow Support Project

in #minnowsupport2 years ago

Just logged into palnet and trying to get a grip on what it offers. Is a vote here a 100% Steem vote? I don't get a slider to change that.


from what i get it should not be. that is probably why you don't get a slider.

Well it looks like that is what it did. Confusing that they show their token value.

confusing that you don't get slider then. because most of the people will not vote on the platform if they have to vote 100%

VP is used at the same rate for both steem and pal currently

now i do have a slider, 30 minutes ago i did not.

 2 years ago 

You can thank @eonwarped for the quick fix.

thanks @eonwarped :D
it was really quick.

No problem, as soon as someone reported it I knew it was going to be a problem.