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RE: Like milk, but different

Well he says he's going to leave. With that amount of Steem entering the market it's just what I need to trigger a couple of limit buys.

He does have a point about declining active accounts though - objectively there's little sign of people coming in to soak up the slack!

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Meh, I don't think that amount of Steem on the markets will do much at all.

I have some very tight limits!

Playing ATM.

It's been very flat the last half a week!

Yeah I saw. A shame really, as I'm sure he could get around 600 SP via curation alone each month.

The accounts will come if the price rises, something which is less likely to happen if everyone is acting like he has been.


That's quite a return!

I'm really quite a fan of this new system, it does encourage curation, which does make sense!