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This is our new Sum It Up game with a odd, even matching game

How to play

Pick a number from 0-36

Tag a friend to play example @lotto-token , if they play and you win receive 3x your points.

In each pick 4 game there is a number in yellow which is the sum it up number

example below


In these number drawn today sum the total of 13, If you picked the number 13 you would have won 170 satoshi tokens as shown in the chart below.

Also anyone who picked an odd number won 25 Satoshi tokens for matching the odd number total. If the sum it up number was 12 then everyone that picked an even number as there number would have won 25 satoshi tokens.


if the winning number was not chosen then the winning amount for that number will be burned to decrease supply of Satoshi tokens!

The portion of the hive generated from this post and Satoshi tokens rewarded for this post will determine a buy order placed on the hive blockchain.

Good luck and HODL those Satoshi tokens!

This post will be moderated by me @ralph-rennoldson or @lotto-token

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congrats @amigareaction you won 25 satoshi tokens!


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congrats @thehockeyfan-at you won 25 satoshi tokens!




congrats @iamraincrystal you won 25 satoshi tokens!


congrats @chrisparis you won 25 satoshi tokens!


congrats @eii you won 25 satoshi tokens!


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