When you are feeling less motivated or inspiration for work...

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Hello Beautiful People!

How is your day going?

Feeling down is very common but getting out from it is not. Yeah, I also sometimes get bored with everything and feel like not doing anything at all. But life! Huh...Full of responsibilities, accountabilities, and everything.

Image by brittywing from Pixabay

Give yourself a break!

I know we can't give everything a break, even if we wanted it by all means. But we can give our brain a rest. It's not that difficult I guess. How to do that? Simple...Stop worrying and relax.

Feeling less inspiration to finish anything or doing our work properly is okay. I mean we are not a machine. There are so many things going on with our surroundings, so many negative vibes; feeling always positive is not possible. But we should not put ourselves in an emotional black hole.

Giving time to ourselves, talking to our 'inner-self' can help a bit to feel better. Or doing something we really love to do like backing, painting, writing, gardening or anything. I think we always don't have to search for motivation. It will grow up itself in our mind. It's a natural process. Just we have to give ourselves time and have to focus on our emotional paths to give it the right track.

Time is definitely a great healer. But we have to contribute with the time to let it work. Overthinking, worrying too much, making our brain full of negativity may never gonna help us getting out from 'less motivation or inspiration' era. Let the time pass, relax and enjoy. Motivation will come automatically.


Much Love


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It is so essential to clear the mind in regular periods my friend.
Nature is a great escape just to let it all hang out.
Through concentration on the beauty all round, the mind is distracted from all of the worries and stresses of the world and it is cleared to take on new positive thoughts.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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I definitely need space in my life just to be ME without all the demands everyone seems to throw my way. Just to BREATHE.

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Sometimes all we need is some 'me' time. :)

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