Human Rights Groups Call on UN For Investigation Into Police Misconduct

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A variety of human rights organizations and civil liberties groups are calling on the government to act soon in making changes to address the militarization of police in communities around the country. They are also petitioning other organizations like the United Nations. They want to know that they are paying attention to any issues with police brutality, misconduct, and other related issues.

Already, the American Civil Liberties Union has joined with hundreds of rights groups that are calling on the United Nations to look into the issue of police violence in the United States.

They want a special session to take place that would investigate the issue.

It isn't clear yet whether or not they might get that meeting, but the pressure on the subject is mounting.

There has been a growing issue with over policing and growing police militarization in the United States, as well as in other countries, for the past few decades now.

It's unfortunate that it has reached this level of concern now, before any serious changes have been made to address the issue. The problem won't go away by ignoring it or pretending that it doesn't exist.

There are many groups calling for change now because for too long there has been unjustified tolerance of police abuse against peaceful and innocent individuals in the United States. Maybe this outcry in recent days will bring significant change on that front or it won't, but one thing is clear and that is that millions of people are tired of it, tired of waiting for change to come from the inside.

Police State On The Rise

What else should we have expected police agencies around the country to do when all of those military toys were going to come trickling down after decades of interventionist foreign policy? It made it all too easy.

But militarizing police isn't the answer to try and keep communities safe. In many ways it poses a threat to communities and every individual living within that community.

U.S. officials have traditionally been all too quick to pass judgement on other countries and other officials etc, and now people want them to face the same scrutiny over this issue.


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Calling on the UN to investigate malfeasance is absolutely asking the fox to guard the chickens.