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RE: Don't Worry, By The Time The Next Pandemic Strikes We'll All Have Wearable Shields

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That looks disgusting it's like condoms walking down the streets a simple UV face mask would be sufficient enough wouldn't you think.


lol..howdy sir bigsambucca! That's a very funny image you paint but I agree, they do look really dorky. I think they'll come up with something more than masks but they won't look this bad!

Thanks @janton for your kind words i just really hope that this will be all over soon it's certainly not doing anyone any good health wise or financially.

Howdy today bigsambucca! Yes I agree. Even if it only lasts for a couple of months that will ruin many families financially. I think homelessness is going to explode with businesses having to shut down for awhile and people losing their income who were just making it paycheck to paycheck.

What is is like in Bangkok, are they shutting everything down yet?

It is really sad times i hope they find a vaccine real soon i was suppose to be leaving Bangkok at the end of this month and going to Europe but i do think it's safer to stay here at the moment. Thailand is closing boarders also and seems to be pretty well in control over here.

It's good to hear that they're getting ahead of the virus spread over there. Can I ask what the trip to Europe is for?

Yes they have it pretty well organized here as far as precautions go and the warmer weather helps as the virus can't live above 28 C . I was going to Europe to meet up with some long lost cousins and friends i haven't seen for a while i have postponed that for now.

Howdy today bigsambucca! Well if it dies out at 82C then we'll have hotter temperatures than that here in TX in another week, that's good news! I hope you can to the Europe after a couple of months when this thing fizzles out.

This bit is from that article i was reading...

"On the other hand it is good to know that the Wuhan virus or corona virus is not heat resistant and dies at a temperature of 26 to 27 degrees. Therefore, drink plenty of hot water such as tea and herbs. It's not a cure, but it's good for the body. Drinking hot water is effective for killing all viruses."

Yep i still will get to Europe if we don't get to a recession or depression before hand but the worst is to come yet. Stay safe and healthy have a great day and glad the hot weather is coming to you @janton 👍