Don't Worry, By The Time The Next Pandemic Strikes We'll All Have Wearable Shields

in #innovation8 months ago

Howdy folks and greetings from the Great Plains of North Texas!

That's right, an architecture firm in China has designed what they call a "Wearable Shield" which will kill any deadly viruses with it's UV Radiation. Supposedly.

It hasn't been tested yet but they're looking for volunteers in case you're interested. lol.

Here's what this contraption looks like. I find it goofy looking but hey, if it saves lives...


Can you imagine New York City or Tokyo's bustling streets with everyone wearing these things, bouncing off each other? lol.

The top, bottom and back are open too, not sure how that would work.


Here's a view from above:


Plus it looks a little heavy to me. I guess if you're frail or a petite female you're out of luck.


You'd have to have good balance too, because you couldn't use your hands to steady yourself!

I like the concept, but they may need a better method of creating personal bubbles though. Although UV light does kill flu viruses and they have large lamps for buildings and so forth.


I really have a hard time seeing myself wearing one of these, how about you guys? lol.


Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless you all!

PS- Here's a bit of good news from the Aldi grocery store chain. I've been impressed by their move to more natural and organic products and now they've gone even farther.


They just announced that the packaging of their suppliers must be 100% recyclable, compostable, or reusable by the year 2025. That's gonna take some doing so it'll be interesting to see what they come up with.





2 thoughts....yes no one will be seen wearing that bubble thing! And 2nd thought, I am as well impressed with Aldi and what they have done over the past 20 years. I enjoy getting quality food there for a decent price!

Howdy today sir simms50! I agree that the bubble shield would be ridiculous. lol. Yeah, Aldi's used to be kind of a joke to us but now it's our favorite store!

A joke is right!!!

Howdy Janton, my long time no see friend. Hey wearing that thing looks like space aliens 👽. And as you say that would be really funny bumping as people go around the streets. Have you gotten your yet? I don’t think they have my size and don’t think I’d want one anyway. 😅😆

lol..I don't think those are going to go over with very many people. Most of us would rather take our chances than wear something like that. lol. Thanks so much for commenting, good to see you!

Hi Cowboy! I really can’t see that bubble thingie catching on as it is too cumbersome and claustrophobic looking.

Good to see the grocery store getting into the recycling.

Oh, you don't think that wearable shield is cool looking? Think of the attention you'd get! lol.

Look safe. Probably just the prototype. I'd wear it.

You'd wear it? You're probably be the only person who would be totally safe then, most people would be too self-conscious! It'll be interesting to see if they actually produce something like that.

I would want it to be more functional. An exoskeleton that protects from biohazards, chemical weapons and other external threats would be great. Relying on our skin and simple fabrics is something we have been doing since the stone age.
Give me built-in tazer, bear mace, a few switchblades, re-enforced knuckles, and no one will dare make me feel self-conscious.

lol...that's brilliant sir abitcoinskeptic, I think you should design an awesome containment exoskeleton!

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Howdy there esteemapp and thanks for the upvote and platform!

This shield is something else
Just like a rain coat.

Howdy ddn688! Well if it works like they think it can it would be amazing protection too, we may see them in a few years!

Am scared of this virus

It IS pretty creepy. Are you able to take in nutrients or supplements to keep your immune system strong? And are there any coronavirus cases there yet?

My immune system is as strong as possible.
Am from Nigeria and we currently have two cases of coronavirus

Howdy again ddn688! Well that is not bad yet, only 2 cases and for most people the effects are not serious but it is scary for the elderly. They've started shutting down all the schools, concerts, and almost all public events here.

I assume your government is talking of doing that also or have already?

They have done it at very busy places and concrete quarantine section for incoming passengers at the airports

Those are great first steps. I hope it can be slowed significantly before it gets bad there.

That's wicked cool, I want one now LOL're the only person in the world who would like this things sir enginewitty! But then, you might be one of the few to survive!

Definitely needs some fashion mods, but I can see the practicality of it!

Me too sir enginewitty. I think they'll come up with a high tech apparatus that isn't so bulky and heavy but still provides a personal bubble of protection.

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Howdy there steemitboard! Dang, that's alot of comments. Thanks for keeping track and for the upvote!

That looks disgusting it's like condoms walking down the streets a simple UV face mask would be sufficient enough wouldn't you think.

lol..howdy sir bigsambucca! That's a very funny image you paint but I agree, they do look really dorky. I think they'll come up with something more than masks but they won't look this bad!

Thanks @janton for your kind words i just really hope that this will be all over soon it's certainly not doing anyone any good health wise or financially.

Howdy today bigsambucca! Yes I agree. Even if it only lasts for a couple of months that will ruin many families financially. I think homelessness is going to explode with businesses having to shut down for awhile and people losing their income who were just making it paycheck to paycheck.

What is is like in Bangkok, are they shutting everything down yet?

It is really sad times i hope they find a vaccine real soon i was suppose to be leaving Bangkok at the end of this month and going to Europe but i do think it's safer to stay here at the moment. Thailand is closing boarders also and seems to be pretty well in control over here.

It's good to hear that they're getting ahead of the virus spread over there. Can I ask what the trip to Europe is for?

Yes they have it pretty well organized here as far as precautions go and the warmer weather helps as the virus can't live above 28 C . I was going to Europe to meet up with some long lost cousins and friends i haven't seen for a while i have postponed that for now.

Howdy today bigsambucca! Well if it dies out at 82C then we'll have hotter temperatures than that here in TX in another week, that's good news! I hope you can to the Europe after a couple of months when this thing fizzles out.

Hahaha, I can't stop laughing janton. I am impressed with the Chinese ability to make products that meet the current market.

lol...I just hope someone invents something a little more practical to wear!

It's a sail for a whale!!! Time to take a trip! Worst idea ever!!!!!

It's a sail for a
Whale!!! Time to take a trip! Worst
Idea ever!!!!!

                 - ganjafarmer

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Haha! I agree and that's a very good haiku sir ganjafarmer!

It would certainly make for great photo fodder, though! Weird concept. They would have been better off making it a complete mushroom top, with the back closed off too. A hazmat suit would be more comfy.

Yeah I'm not sure about this design and I think they'll come up with something better to provide a personal bubble effect but I don't know how that will be done.

Looks alien to me. On a side note, hope things are good your side. All across UAE schools and universities and pubs and all outdoor activities have come to an indefinite halt😚

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That is very smart. They are starting to shut everything down here too. I just heard a virologist today who said it was going to take 3 to 6 months to get through this thing.

3 to 6 months may be right but govt here is doing all they can or need to bring back life into the city and around.

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Yes it sounds like they are ahead of the problem and hopefully it won't take nearly that long for the virus to die out.

The Hybrid model is already being tested by that Demon Pig Elitist K.K.K. Killary Klinton the Klans-woman...
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lol...oh my gosh what a horrendous photo! Well done sir krazzytrukker.

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