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RE: Don't Worry, By The Time The Next Pandemic Strikes We'll All Have Wearable Shields

in #innovation9 months ago

Look safe. Probably just the prototype. I'd wear it.


You'd wear it? You're probably be the only person who would be totally safe then, most people would be too self-conscious! It'll be interesting to see if they actually produce something like that.

I would want it to be more functional. An exoskeleton that protects from biohazards, chemical weapons and other external threats would be great. Relying on our skin and simple fabrics is something we have been doing since the stone age.
Give me built-in tazer, bear mace, a few switchblades, re-enforced knuckles, and no one will dare make me feel self-conscious.

lol...that's brilliant sir abitcoinskeptic, I think you should design an awesome containment exoskeleton!