Inktober day 24-27 - Dizzy, Tasty, Dark, Coat

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Story continues


Rachel's brain was buzzing. All that had happened to her was just like a big tornado in her head. She couldn't get a firm grip of anything and everything around her was spinning so fast. She couldn't see clearly and felt nauseous.
"Are you okay?" she heard the little girl ask.
"I feel a bit lightheaded." Rachel answered.


"Oh, you must have low blood sugar! You haven't eaten anything for several hours! I know just what you need."
Little girl ran away, but in just few minutes was back again with her hands full of carrots. She handed one carrot to Rachel.
"Here. Eat that first, I will make a fire so you will stay warm and you can also try if roasted carrot tastes better."
Rachel ate the carrot and immediately started feeling better.
"You should have seen how the carrot field workers ran", little girl giggled. "I mean, they were terrified as I ran there, to the middle of the field and they didn't even notice that I wasn't there because of them this time."


Rachel and the little girl sat side by side and watched the moon rise. Rachel wanted to say so many things to the little girl but didn't know how to put her words. Rachel was also sad because there was something she needed to do. As the hours went by, little girl finally broke the silence and said: "I know. I like you too and I think that you are the best friend anyone could ever have." Rachel sight deeply as the little girl continued: "And I know. You have to leave. You have to continue your journey. And you have not yet found him."
"I don't know if there is anyone for me. Or if I even want to be with anyone. I could just stay here with you." Rachel said.
"Well, you could stay here, but then again, if you don't leave, you will never know if there's someone for you or do you want that someone."
"But that could also happen here!"
"No it couldn't", little girl turned to Rachel. "Most do not just wander here like you did. Most tend to stay as far away from this place as they can."
Rachel sighed deeply again.
"But hey!" little girl shouted. "I have something for you!"


Little girl ran to her well and came back with something big following her.
"Here! I want to give you this coat!" little girl was exited, clapped her hands and jumped around. The coat seemed really heavy and stiff as it stood on it's own.
Rachel wasn't sure what to say, but as she knew that little girl knew what she was thinking, she decided to say exactly what she thought. "Erm... Thank you so much... but isn't it a little bit too big for me?"
"Oh but it isn't an ordinary coat", little girl answered. "It's a magic coat! Sure you can wear it if you are cold, but it does lots of other things too. For instance it walks on it's own so you never have to carry it. Actually if you are tired, it can carry you. And the amount of stuff that fits in those pockets. I mean the pockets are bigger on the inside! You can even hide yourself there if you need to. And you can use the coat as a tent if it's raining and you can tell it to guard you or something else and... and... you can tell it to find someone and... I don't actually know all the stuff it can do. But it's awesome and I want you to have it."
Little girl turned towards the coat and said: "Coat, you belong to Rachel Rabbit now!"
Coat turned towards Rachel and ever so slightly, seemed to nod at Rachel.

To be continued...

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I couldn't help myself. I bought few new, different kind dip pens and a new dip pen holder. It's amazing how much easier it is to draw with proper equipment. I mean, again, who would have guessed! :D Also bought more of that better paper. Oh and there's one dip pen that has its own small container. It's amazing how much I can draw with it without dipping it again. It's just awesome. I love my new dip pens! (Until I hate them.)


Funny how I originally thought that I won't be buying any more than only one pen and some ink. Also thought that I would use only the paper that I already have in my stash. Not gonna overdo things and buy more stuff. Yeah. Totally realistic in my case.

Things that I like in these inktober drawings: definitely the coat. But only the coat in the Coat drawing. It turned out like I wanted it to be. The roasting rat is also good in the tasty drawing. And I like the smoky "rays" that come out from the little dragon in the Dizzy drawing. It's an accident but fits just fine there. The rays are the negative color from shadows that come from the paper stretching because I dropped watery ink to the paper to be the body of the little dizzy dragon. The ink paper doesn't absorb the water like I wanted it to do and the ink didn't spread (that's what it's supposed to do, not spread on this paper) so the result wasn't quite what I wanted. The dragon body is a poor excuse of an ink stain. Everything else than the coat, rat and the rays are mediocre or worse I think.

Here's the process pictures and the sketches. Again decided to invert the colors on three of the four drawings in Photoshop. Also did some extra stuff to the Coat image. Made the background white lines grayer so the coat and Rachel would stand out a little bit more.

Answer to your question: Yes, Rachel is almost all black now. She just is so vulnerable to influences. I mean, have you noticed her whiskers?


Coat pockets - Bigger on the Inside



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it's such a tender story! dear @insaneworks, I love your drawings, especially the one in which raquel and the child look at the moon. and I really like to see the process of the different designs that led to the final composition! do you do it for work or is it your passion? keep on and congratulations on your curie rating

Thank you so much! :)
This is just something I wanted to try because I haven't drawn that much for years (with non digital pens) and before this years inktober, I have never tried to draw anything with ink dip pen. So I thought that I could give it a try and see if I learn something.

Good motivation this challenge inktober2019 .
Have you participated several times?
I liked all the illustrations and the story is captivating.
I liked that about not having to load my coat. Lol
Congrats on a Curie vote.

Thank you very much. :)
This is my first year that I draw anything inktober related.

Oh, okay.
Success in the challenge.

Hello Hello!

Your art is special, it makes a difference because I like originality and you are very creative!

Greetings from Venezuela♡

Thank you so much! :)
Greetings from cold Finland!

The story is subtle and pleasant, but what I liked most were the drawings. Pity the little mouse in the campfire ... A big greeting @insaneworks

Thank you so much! :)

I think the little mouse was already past away from something else before it ended up as food for the little girl. And I think it had a beautiful and meaningful life before that. And lots of offspring.


Knock knock! :)

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