FBI is now crossing the Rubicon: Calls truthers "national security threats." But what nation??

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Surely, the FBI can't mean that people who are interested in truth and justice are security threats? The United States of America that was FOUNDED ON TRUTH AND JUSTICE is certainly not the nation under threat by people who seek the truth. SO...what exactly is this nation to which they are a threat?

(The Battleship U.S.S. Maine at the bottom of Havana Harbor...the pretext for the Spanish-American War.)

I shudder to think. But, it is becoming more and more evident that the nation I was born in back in 1960 is not the nation I am living in now. Sadly, it is now a nation built on very different principles...wealth, evil and lies...primarily. I don't want to be responsible for letting the nation slip further and further in to tyranny and injustice, so I, for one, will continue to speak out until my dying breath.

(The Lusitania, packed with contraband war materials bound for England from the USA is torpedoed and sunk, and used as a pretext for U.S. entry into WWI.)

911 WAS A FALSE FLAG ATTACK USED TO GET THE UNITED STATES INVOLVED IN A SERIES OF NEVER-ENDING, NO-WIN WARS IN THE MIDDLE EAST. PERIOD. THAT IS THE TRUTH, and I don't care how many government bureaucrats deny it, or what pejoratives they dream up and care to throw at those who tell the truth. That event follows in a long string of such events dating all the way back to the Spanish-America War and the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine in Havana Harbor used as false-flag pretexts for unpopular wars. The Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, The Gulf Of Tonkin, April Glaspie...the nation has been subject to an unending string of such false-flag events for almost 125 years now, and it's time the American people simply said..."NO MORE...Not on my watch!"

(April Glaspie, on the eve of Gulf War I--"W"'s ambassador to Saddam Hussein's Iraq-- tells him the USA doesn't care if he invades Kuwait, luring Iraq into War with George "W" Bush and his regime.)

Check out this article:


Check out this excerpt:

"'The FBI assesses anti-government, identity based, and fringe political conspiracy theories very likely motivate domestic extremists, wholly or in part, to engage in criminal or violent activity,' says the report, blaming the 'modern information marketplace, occasionally driving both groups and individual extremists' to become violent.

The many events cited by the FBI darkly illustrate the current fever pitch of conspiracism in America today, and its evolution toward real world violence. For example, the report cites a California man who built a bomb which he intended to use on a satanic temple monument at the Illinois state capitol rotunda, in order to 'make Americans aware of Pizzagate.' Pizzagate is an outlandish conspiracy that pinpoints a basement pizzeria in Washington, DC as the headquarters of a pedophile ring involving many of the most powerful Democrats on Capitol Hill."

(Image courtesy of washingtonexaminer.com.)

Putting aside the fact that the moron at the FBI who wrote that first sentence should be disciplined for putting out unintelligible statements, the idea that the FBI can willy nilly support flimsy and ludicrous government conspiracy theories (like the ridiculous tale we've been told about 911,) and this new apparent trend on their part to try to tie peace-loving TRUTHERS with violence (including their own false flags operative and their own ginned up violence,) is beyond the pale. This all needs to face the most stringent political blow back possible, and soon.

The FBI and their PROVEN PACK OF LIARS (as currently constituted) can NOT be allowed to choke off truth and the First Amendment, or no one will ever be safe here in "the land of the free, and the home of the brave" again.

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You nailed it on 911! I have watched the second plane hit the second tower, and it is not an airliner! It was a USAF aircraft, with an ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) pod under the wing, and no windows.

Check it for yourself!


Certainly possible, my friend, but it is no necessary for us to know exactly HOW they pulled off their false flag, only that what they told us about what happened is clearly untrue.

Video proof that they lied is good to have too! But I stopped believing them long ago....


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