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RE: Artificial intelligence, everyday uses and presence in our homes.

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Dear @creativeblue, @fucho80

I only had a chance to read your publication right now. However I upvoted it already earlier on.

I found it fascinated to witness how this technology is developing lately and at the same time how little do people know and care about AI. Most of the time people are worried and maybe even scared, but at the same time their solution is simply not to talk about it :)

Almost like they believe that "if we don't talk about the problem then this problem won't affect us".

Anyway it's awesome that you managed to bring some positive light into this matter and share some good examples of how AI technology could use to benefit us in the future.

The discussion about ethics in the use of AI must continue

You nailed it! And people like us need to continue building others awareness

Great read, upvoted already :)
Yours, Piotr