Did you know you can now use Peakd to refer users to Hive?

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Peakd partnered with Hive Onboard (the winning STEMGeek's Hackathon project) to provide an easy way to refer and sign up new users to Hive.

Your referral link looks like this https://peakd.com/register?ref=themarkymark but with themarkymark changed to your username.

If you go under tools and look on the left side you can find the referral page so you can find a list of everyone you have referred.

New users will have a default 5% beneficiary set to those who referred them to Hive. They can optionally change or remove this default at any time.

You can also still use https://signup.hive.io/ & https://hiveonboard.com/ directly to sign up new users as well.

Give this new referral system a try on Social Media and when you engage with other users that might want a censorship-resistant social media.

Are you trying to onboard new users?

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@roomservice and guys at @peakd are killing it :D great stuff!

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Nice tool to have it.

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The only thing i have an issue with is the 3% benefeciary to the person that referred, i wish there was a way to make sure that beneficiary would only apply to those who also delegated to their referral 🤷🏻‍♀️ cause people get the new account and dont have any HP to interact much on the blockchain they end up quitting

I always send my referrals some HP to get them started. That is how I got started. Just an idea.

I guess the idea is you have a vested interest to delegate to them and help them succeed if you get a beneficiary.

yes that is the idea i get it but not all do it and those who don't shouldn't get the beneficiary imo

I guess they still brought someone to Hive. If they fail due to no RCs they wont get any rewards for their 3% anyway. I think RC delegation which is coming very soon apparently as it has been separated out from the SMT code will solve all these issues.

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Very important information brother😊

Slowly adding up :)

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Good news, this will make everything a lot easier!

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I have recruited a couple through Hive Onboard and created a load of account using account tokens. I delegate to get them started as we don't want them to get frustrated by lack of RCs. This is a cool additional option.

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I found out a few days ago, I think it's a good idea

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3% for those who referred them
1% for to whoever paid for the account
1% to hiveonboard for providing the service

What hiveonboard has done has been awesome and I think we now have a super fast and easy system that gets a person an account in under a minute.

Next step is guiding those new users to LOG IN... which in the world of Hive is not so easy because of keys and perhaps driving them to Keychain because it may be more challenging the first time but all the times after may be easier.

Yep login is the next big challenge. Light accounts or some trusted party to hold their keys until they claim them might be a necessary evil .

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Do not threaten us that is not acceptable.

Recently I've been onboarding most of my friends on Hive and was just looking for this. Thanks @themarkymark 👍

Thanks for the info. I will definitely start referring people that was.

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Wow this is a nice innovation I will surely try it.....

I used it and for some reason it did not record my referral ??? I must have missed something along the way. Oh well.

Just discovered this yesterday by mistake while I was checking out more things about my peakd account and it looks like a great feature! :D

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I had invited 3 people lately and let them sign up directly I just missed the 5% referral LOL