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Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are all well and getting by in these strange times. The UK is still muddling through with confusing messages from the government (Stay alert!) and various businesses being allowed to open based on no logic at all. I am stuck at home, but staying busy with some on-line courses and keeping an eye on Hive.

The $Hive and HBD prices have seen some slight improvement recently. Hive is ranked outside the top 100 coins and it would be great to see it get back up again. That requires more people seeing it as a good investment. Meanwhile, Steemit have sold over six million $Steem from their main account in the last week. That may indicate they need the money.

Data from @coingecko

Please spare a moment to vote for Hive in the latest Hackernoon Noonies awards.


Voting and commenting have been on my mind recently. In my opinion there is too much automatic voting and not enough commenting. The result of these is that some people producing good content to not get enough of either.

Some discusion with @jaki01 made me realise that some big accounts are playing the rest of us to milk the curation rewards. They will make big votes on popular accounts with an expectation that lots of others will vote for them too. So they reap lots of curation rewards. For a while I have been less inclined to vote on posts that already have large rewards (e.g. over $20), or at least give them a smaller vote. In some cases I will agree that the post author deserves good rewards, but by voting on the post I enrich accounts who are unlikely to have read the post and they are even less likely to comment. A better policy may be to leave a comment and if the post author replies then give them a comment vote. They still get the same 50% of my vote, but I do better from the curation. This does rely on having enough HP to avoid the 'dust' threshold (around 2.5c I think). Okay, so I am not helping the post to 'trend', but does that matter? Does this make sense?

In the case of posts with just cents in rewards where the votes have come from people who actually care about it I am quite happy to add to their curation rewards.

I see @justinparke is also thinking about voting.

@sergiomendes posted a video about lack of support. As this post made $30 he cannot complain too much, but then posts about Hive itself tend to do better than others, partly because it is the one interest we all have in common. Unfortunately Hive is not 'fair'. The community in general may not care how much effort you put into a post or video and rewards can depend more on who you know. Given that we only have a few thousand active users niche interest posts will have a small audience. This is why growing the community and having more accounts with considerable HP is important. It will help distribute the rewards wider as the whales and orcas get less influence. That may mean some people getting less Hive per post than they are used to, but that Hive could end up being worth more.

Another critique of Hive came from @dickturpin who is never afraid to say what he thinks. I disagree that 'nobody is on Hive for the love'. Some people do not desperately need the money they make (if they even take any out), but they do believe in the potential of this platform.

The above post mentions @nathanmars is who is Tweeting like a demon to promote Hive whilst interviewing many community members. I am trying to stay off Twitter more lately, but it has value as a way to get out the work that Hive is a good place to be. I am trying to have more conversations here rather than on Twitter, Discord or other platforms.

Please be sure to use your witness votes. You have some influence on who gets to earn the rewards for processing the blockchain and to decide on where Hive goes next.

  • @c0ff33a runs a witness whilst making coffee 'up north'. He is running a Hive meetup in Halifax next month.
  • @klye has a Hive dice game as well as being a witness.
  • @dragosroua is a long-standing witness and creator of Hive Supply that informs your on what you are earning. He is also a fellow runner.

Which witnesses are under-appreciated in your opinion? Suggestions of more people to check out on #FollowFriday are always welcome.

Hive five!


I am trying to have more conversations here rather than on Twitter, Discord or other platforms.

I’m trying to both Twitter and Hive. On chain engagement and Growing Hive Network Effects are equally important.

let's see I am going to try and get some more attention and action when it comes to make changes here. Maybe now thinking on a strategy to see if i can getbsome community support. Trybto raise at least 50k hp to start pushing other content more "human" to the top :) let's see. :) still thinking about what and how i can do it.

I think you do a good job as it is, but getting recognition is not so easy. I keep increasing my HP to try and do more good. These #FollowFriday posts are part of my contribution.

You do amazing :)

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I agree with most of what you are saying, but not all. As a content creator I shouldn't be penalized (via smaller votes) because my post already has too many rewards. If someone writes a good post they absolutely earn as much rewards as possible. If we spend all of our time worrying about how other people are going to vote or trying to game the system to "screw over" the people who are just here for the curation rewards we are going to end up disenfranchising a large portion of the user base. No wonder people don't stick around long... That's just my opinion.

I am saying that people could transfer their votes to your comments rather than the post itself, so you make the same and it encourages you to respond. That seems reasonable to me. We have seen how some people can expect huge votes every time, regardless of what they post and I don't want to play that game. If I see two equally good posts where one has $20 and the other 50c then guess where my vote will go. I can find plenty of examples of the latter. That said, I see some good creators who do get good votes from big projects without sucking up to anyone. They still don't get many comments though and I think that is a shame.

Like I said, I agree with a lot of what you said and to be fair it is your vote, you can do whatever you want with it. I fully respect that.

I think it is fair for those who do actually care about your posts to get a better return on their vote. I vote on most comments I get so that even small accounts make something. I want to drive engagement and not just a 'dash for cash' :)

I've been trying to vote comments more lately too. I was horrible at that before.

I would rather support people who do engage. Some post, but rarely comment.

Hive is out of top 100 ranking, but it may come in best crypto top ranking, firstly it need to boost up, advertise and let know hive and community in different social platforms. I think this social crypto site is just on going through the self announcement, like i invite my friends, and my friends to them friends. One of the weak point is that there is no referral system! "join the hive, blogging and earn money" may be the first advertiser slogan at current situation to catch the attention of mass people! Remember, there is no one here to freely entertain this community with out a economical interested- my own opinion!

@dragosroua is hard working behind the build & sustain this community- its also my opinion!

There is a referral system through Hive Onboard that can earn you a little from people you recruit. Mind you, the two people who used my link are inactive so far.

Word of mouth is useful, but we need some coverage on major news sites and I am not seeing much of that happening. Hive is more than just blogging with video and various games too. Not everyone is a blogger and we need all types of users.

Thanks to inform about referral, hive is a community to all of that you have said.

Some discusion with @jaki01 made

Thank you for that, I found it very fun and being six days old it kept me busy for more than 45 minutes due to all the comments, some were classic.

I did see and vote for Hive in the coingecko post from someone, I don't remember who.

I do enjoy discovering the links to links and more things to vote that I may have missed.

I aim to educate and entertain :) It's impossible to keep up with everything these days.

It is, but man some of the comments on Marky's post were, just fun to read. I can see new people having a hard time with the voting, but telling someone not to vote, was just so very entertaining.

It just shows that votes are not just about appreciation. There are all sorts of schemes and rivalries going on. This is why I don't take the votes I get for granted. Luckily I am not reliant on any single supporter and I haven't done deals with anyone. I don't have time for that crap and am not that desperate.

I had another look at that post and more had happened. Can't be bothered to translate the Spanish stuff. Hive may be small, but it has big drama :)

Have a !BEER

It did keep me entertained, and that is one things I like about Hive, all kinds of content, and all kinds of things to read and see. I never complain about getting up votes, I like em all, doesn't matter where they come from, some things never cease to amaze me, people complaining about down votes, I can understand, up vote complaints is a whole new can of interesting worms.

Thanks for the beer.

Interesting point about the larger accounts, and nice idea with the comment strategy!

I saw that post by Sergio, I got bored watching after about 3 minutes so I stopped it - I didn't comment. The unfortunate truth is, he's just another bloke making videos and taking photos about his life - there's not a huge market for that unless you're already famous, and he's not, so he's lucky to earn anything, as the rest of us are!

I did notice he sells his Hive, and there's very few people I vote for who do. I'm more into supporting people who Power Up at this moment in time!

I never consider myself entitled to rewards as I am just blogging whatever I am into. A lot of content here would be considered low value elsewhere, but then I'd think that of stuff on Instagram and Tiktok. Hive rewards are mostly controlled by the big accounts and we have to live with that for now.

I appreciate some people need the money, but we do need those who can afford to to power up.

I'm not entirely against people powering down to live off hive, I know that @eco-alex and @orlev have both sold some recently, but they have recently moved to a foreign country to build ecotopia, so I can accept that.

When it's people uploading lifestyle videos and cashing out to buy lattes, I'm not paying for that with my Hive Power!

glad u approv.e. also for the record.. i was ALLL in in 2018 and invested about $10,000 and lost most of it! .. ;-)

Wow, that's a hell of an investment!

At least you must have made a decent chunk of that back with the fork?

I think that helped quite a lot of us.

My key investment strategy going forwards is to try and be as non-dependent on money as possible!

That is my goal! Not dependant on money.!!! Slowly but surely we'll get there... (and by we, I mean I... You two seems miles ahead of me as it is...)

Oh I'm nowhere near money free yet, the big change comes hopefully when I get some land in Portugal and get Permaculturing proper.

Fair enough. I know people in places like Venezuela use it to pay the bills. There's plenty of choice in what to vote up anyway.

I have automatic voting set up to happen if my vote power gets up high enough. That way if I’m away or unable to use the internet or something, I still get some votes in.

I try to vote manually every day as well, though.

That's fair enough. I have votes going to small accounts via the @tenkminnows trail, but the rest are manual.

Great to see, some big one looking from this prospective else more of the people in big league make a circle of voting among themselves...and vo tent delicates to a specific topic.....wondering if everyone think like this ,then no one can stop to make Hive again amongbtye top 100 or even top 10

We have to be less self-centred if we want Hive to succeed. I know a lot of people do care, but some will just help themselves. I will do what I can to improve matters. I want to see more people benefit from Hive.

That was the teaching I learned in my initial days...."it all about giving others" that what my mentor @sanmi told me...and now I see it really work....

I've not taken the time to explore much in the way of what Hive has to offer. (as opposed to Steem) I have however transferred my Steem Power to Hive Power.

I do not have much invested either way. Back when I took some time away I drained my account in favor of buying a bunch of steem monster cards leaving my then Steem account low anyway.

I thought about investing a few dollars in upping my Hive account but for now, I might just earn as I go and see what happens in a few months.

I have spent some money on Steem and now Hive, but most of what I have was earned here. I see Hive as a better version of what Steem became, but it is not without issues. I want to see a better distribution of rewards.

Steemit have sold over six million $Steem from their main account in the last week. That may indicate they need the money.

or they are pulling an exit party? I dunno!

Also more active here over the last couple of weeks, and twittering to the world to share the hive madness. Will it work? I dont know, but there are a lot of people who could do something with the ecosystem which they still are not aware of as yet!

Steemit still have plenty across other accounts, but this is a significant sell-off. I don't expect Justin really needs the money, but maybe he feels he should get some return on his investment. It's not affecting the price much so far.

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