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As with all my posts about Hive this is an opinion piece. There are few actual rules here, but there are widely held opinions on what is good and bad for the platform. The community can decide as individuals whether to act against behaviour that is considered to be harmful.

How we use our votes is important. Of course there is a strong incentive to maximise your own income some of the ways this is done are not ideal when it comes to making Hive a popular destination.

My voting distribution
I spread my votes around, mostly manually.

A core part of the Hive design is POB, which stands for Proof of Brain, not Proof of Bot. People are much better than machines at detecting good content. I consider good content to that which a wider audience will enjoy, regardless of who it is by.

What happens in a lot of cases is that people set up automatic voting for either people they know or those who are most likely to get a lot of votes anyway in hope of reaping greater curation rewards. That may not be so effective as the system was designed to reward those who are first to find good content that is subsequently voted up by others. So small accounts should be actively seeking out posts they enjoy and re-posting them for others to see rather than trying to get tiny amounts by following voting trails.

I will admit that some of my votes are automated as I follow what @tenkminnows votes on. That account has a selection of small accounts to support to help them grow. I do not take any rewards directly from it, but will make something from curation.

One of the big issues on Steem was buying of votes. That also distorts the reward distribution and is not reflecting what people actually like. I think excessive self voting (more than the odd post) is similarly bad if your have a substantial vote.

Today I heard about a scheme via a post by @acidyo where people were getting a big vote from some accounts they delegate to if they give half the post rewards to those who control the scheme. Lot of posts are getting over $25 by doing this, but I see others sharing the rewards who do not get the votes. From the posts I have skimmed they look to be general information that is not really going to attract an audience to Hive and at least one was proven to be plagiarised. Some people are using their downvotes to adjust the rewards so as to make more availabel to others as well as discouraging this behaviour.

I get that people want to make more, but if we want this platform to prosper we need to make it an attractive place for really good content creators to post. If they see that Hive is full of 'scams' they will be put off.

I do pretty well from Hive, but I would happily see more rewards going to people creating real quality art, music and writing. I am just an amateur hack, but I will use my votes to do good where I can. Short term greed does not serve use well.

It is a fact that posts about the Hive platform can do pretty well, but then I guess they have the widest audience here. Some I have written have done very well. I will not decline rewards on this post, but I will share them with a few people.

Hve five.


I'm going to have to check out that post from acid then, I have a feeling after seeing something recently that I might have filled a lease to an account that's running this...

After I've done #hiveblopomo, I'll try to do a bit more manual upvotes and chuck some here and there. I follow trusted curation trails like the two music-community and musicforlife one's and a few others that I believe are manual but it makes even those of us who've been here 3 years dizzy trying to keep up with it all and still produce content!

I'm very wary of delegating to anyone and don't do paid leasing. I did follow some trails ages ago, but I found my votes going to posts I would not want to support. We just have to do what is viable for us.

It's a tough balance man. I want to help and support some projects where I can but the way this system is set up incentivises shortcuts and I'm guilty of falling in to the trap of chasing APR short term. I'll have to spend some time reviewing the accounts I have leases with now, thanks for the PSA!

I know my APR is less than what I could be making, but I don't worry about it too much. I guess that some people rely more on curation than posting and so will try to maximise the return regardless.

I probably shouldn't worry too much either now I've reached my HP goal but would still be nice to make the HP sustainable and take some earnings out for a deposit on a house at least, especially if prices rise to a couple of bucks per HIVE. That's life changing money territory in the UK!

that I might have filled a lease to an account that's running this...

Please offer delegations to someone else if so.

Will do (or use it myself)! I've just cancelled my lease to that account after speaking with AcidYo

At my opinion, people's are looking for money and they try to get how will they achieve it. The question is not ideal about right and wrong way and some manipulation appear, people's are try to get others concentration who have a lot of hive power rather than small or newbie accounts. Anyway, it is mostly common that help you earn money with less efforts and nothing else.

Of course money will be a priority for many, but there may be more to be made if we can make Hive a better platform. The HIVE price is pretty low really.

We have the option to adjust rewards down if they are not deserved.

Where do you see the vote distribution on ?

There are these buttons


Interesting. I was not aware that there was such scheme going on

where people were getting a big vote from some accounts they delegate to if they give half the post rewards to those who control the scheme.

I guess some issues from steemit will continue here. It's a pity. Hopefully that would be the exception, rather than the rule. I enjoy manual curation and sharing of posts that are either very good and deserve more exposure (even if they have already been generously curated) or have been ignored by all curators.

People will always try to game the system, but the Hive community has been better at dealing with abuse generally. It will never be perfect, but we can try to be better. There are some rogue big accounts that just do their own thing.


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Thanks for the info. I haven't really been looking at the trending pages or anything like that so I didn't even realize that post came out. One of the biggest issue it the lack of time so I tend to just look at my own feed unless someone reblogs something for me. Most of mine tends to be manual and my vote itself isn't really that large so I rely more on giving out HE tokens.

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I appreciate that time is an issue for many people. They could at least follow the votes of curators they trust to use them well.


Hey @jfang003, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

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I'd be interested to see what my vote breakdown looks like. I feel like it should be pretty diverse. Maybe not. I guess I don't know.

Not too bad. Some I've seen will be mostly one wedge which is often their own account. Spread the love.


I bet that blue or yellow is you :)

Actually I'm way down the list, but that's okay. Maybe you can get some insight from the data (see the link and click Out. Votes).

I saw that post. Didn't know stuff like that was going on.

I try to stick to manual curating, even though I know I could do a better job to spread my votes a bit more. It's something I'm working on

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Every day you learn a little more in this Blockchain and as you say, the POB should be essential to deliver our votes. I must work a lot on that but I love to support what I like and above all, those who start or struggle to be seen.

I follow a couple of vote trails, such as the minnow support vote trail, but I also do a lot of manual upvotes.