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RE: Important Hive Links

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This is definitely one of the most user friendly post on hive currently. Truth is, I didn't know about some of these links myself and I believe this will help a person navigate really easily on the hive blockchain. Truth is, I've actually checked out a few of them myself and particularly I checked out the tribes and I'm going to reblog and share this on twitter it might just about help someone. Thanks for posting this.

I stopped using busy, but I guess they haven't really migrated to hive, yes?

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I think most users will find it helpful. I knew Hive was growing rapidly but it wasn't until I came across all of these Dapps, tribes, tools, and other websites did I realize how big Hive has got. I will need to add more additional material to my Udemy course.

Yeah definitely when I came across those information tribes and dapps it feels like hive is a whole huge universe. I'm guessing your course will include all these informations as well. Cheers! Amazing stuff.