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RE: I am the wolf in sheep's clothing

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Whenever I see things like this I feel like that these talks of removing blogging inflation rewards on layer one make more and more sense


well you will get all this on a second layer, if we assume that second layer tokens will have any worth. some of them at least.

Yes you would but thats at least where you can have competition and game theory so people will jump to the token they like best and keep projects trying to drive value to keep users attention and user growth

but then that needs to happen yesterday. there is no sense to let people write all over the internets about something that will not exist in 6 months. and then ask them again to write about something new, so they could build some new created token from the ground.
i feel that the social part of this coin is undervalued by some, or maybe it is just my illusion.

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I'm shocked at how right ned's ideas were.
Doesn't excuse the kneecapping of us and selling us down the river, but he did make some good judgement calls on some things.
I'm still waiting on smteees!™ nearly 4 years after they were proposed.

I think he saw from the data that one token was not going to suit all the use cases and it was just the first one and would need to be augmented eventually, we're clearly finding this out the hard way

As much as I denied it, walling ourselves off in our own little spheres may be the only way to make this work.
If we were forced to work out our differences it may be better overall for the world, but it won't likely build a place for 'the popular' crowd to come and pee on little people.

Not that that was my intention from the start, but it may reflect the feelings of some, as demonstrated by their otherwise inexplicable behaviors.

We haven't dumped all the stake that was acting only to further their own interests rather than build something that changes the world.

Greed is still killing off the newbs.

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