I am the wolf in sheep's clothing

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I get messaged a lot by a lot of people to vote on their content, proposal, or witness. It comes with having stake, and I generally ignore it.

It wasn't until recently I've been asked to stop upvoting people. In the last few weeks this has happened many times, and by a certain group of people. Initially I thought it was a joke but it has become a reoccurring theme.

About four weeks ago or so I had my first, by @enmy. I obliged as but was curious. She contacted me on Discord saying since I started voting her she stopped getting manual upvotes. Being curious I checked if that was the case, and sure enough it was. 99% of her rewards were by @appreciator and @rocky1 and when I voted her they would not. As I thought this was silly, I started to vote her again as I do not like to be told who to vote for and I think this is just silly.

A couple months ago I was asked to do a AMA by her community Rutablockchain in what I felt was a attempt to get me to do curation in their community based on the direction of the questioning. Again I don't like to be told who to vote for but I did add a few of the users I felt were putting in effort, @enmy being one of them.

Shortly after @enmy's request for me to stop voting her, she started to increase her daily posts to 4+ posts a day.

Not long later, I receive messages from multiple other members of Rutablockchain asking me to stop voting them or they will have to post 4+ times a day or quit Hive.

I have received multiple messages similar to the one above from multiple members of the Rutablockchain community (I think around five so far), all in the last few weeks.

@Enmy then logs into HiveWatchers and asks if it is ok if she makes multiple accounts and makes the account enmymente to increase her chances of getting those sweet sweet votes because mine are not big enough.

Then a little bit before this post I receive a message from her asking to stop voting her or she will make a post about me.

These two posts are the result of that threat.

Interestingly enough, if I don't vote on @enmy posts, she really gets nothing unless appreciator or rocky drop their $10+ votes. Many of these are just following mine I believe.

Those two massive circles are my votes for about $3-4 total. I vote most everyone with the same percentage and prefer to not drop massive votes on posts and just provide steady support to authors who put in effort.

Shortly after a few other Rutablockchain members contacted me I noticed appreciator started to mimic my votes with 1% votes on everyone I vote for as some form of retaliation for voting people he votes for. When I approached him he told me he doesn't feel the need to explain it to me.

Appreciator normally votes 8-10% ($10+ typically) and all the 1% votes are troll votes an attempt to go after the curation I do.

While I have heard many claim downvotes are violence, I never thought upvotes would be treated similarly.

Securely chat with me on Keybase

Why you should vote me as witness


Some whales really act like arses. Is this some effort to maximise curation rewards? Their bad voting is harming Hive, but I guess they are rich enough to not give a shit.

My own strategy is to vote less on posts that already have several dollars as there are others who struggle to make a dollar despite having quality content.

I wrote that lack of engagement could kill Hive, but so could greed. I am pretty happy with what I make even if it's less that others.

Money talks and those with power are free to do what they want.

Thanks for caring.

As I wrote in a recent post (we had a discussion there) the problem would be solved if it wasn't a disadvantage anymore to upvote late.

When I see great content but the well known profit maximizers have voted already, I ask the authors to write comments under their posts which I can upvote to support them without increasing the curation rewards of the early auto voters who even don't read any posts. :)

The five minute thing seems wrong to me as you are unlikely to discover and read a post within that time. Those of us who vote manually should avoid adding to posts that were hit by the auto-voters. I get that those do add some value, but they don't care about the content and they can encourage junk posts. Maybe the algorithm could get tweaked again, but I don't know what the ideal version would be. Of course nothing is ever perfect, but we should seek to be better.

Are you familiar with Benford's Law?

It can be used to identify fraudulent data and fraudulent accounts and artificial voting patterns.

I'm aware of it, but not sure how it would apply here. The issue is not necessarily fraud, but more about how manual interaction can stand a chance of earning better. Automated systems can always be quicker than humans, but they are unlikely to be as smart.

Benford's law has been used to identify fake accounts on twitter by collecting the number of followers of suspicious accounts and then collecting the number of followers each of those followers has and running that as a data-set against Benford's law.

I think something like that would be very useful for HIVE.

And as far as timing votes for profit, I believe all votes should be equally weighted no matter who votes or what time they vote.

The "band-wagon" votes are toxic (gamified for profit only).

AND, when I first joined, there was a view counter. The consensus on why it was taken away was due to complaints POB was dead and posts with hundred(s) of votes only had like 3 or 4 views. From bidbots to autovoters it was obvious most of the highest paid posts received very few actual eyes on them. LINK

Fake accounts are not as big an issue for Hive as they need some HP behind them to make any difference. Strategic voting is toxic if it does not take account of actual content.

The views number was not accurate enough to be useful. I tend to judge posts by the real interaction they get. Anyone can get hundreds of tiny votes, including me.



I'd still really like to see page views over 20 seconds.

^ THIS. Period.

Your UpVotes are one of the main reasons I started fucking with hive! I started on Steemit 2 months ago and then opened a Hive account, I love it here on Hive and thanks to you and your articles I have been enlightened on what good (or should I say not good) with steemit. After just searching you on there I seen you changed your name to RIP Steemit, that shit had me dying on the floor laughing. Needless to say you Powered Down. Then I searched @solominer same thing! I went on and on. all my Favs on hive powered down. So to support The family that has welcomed me I too am now powering down my 2 month old steemit! You Mr @themarkymark truly are a wolf in sheeps clothing because I joined well after the whole meltdown and have no place in the beef but you got me to join your ranks!!!
I think Ill do a whole post on this now that I think about it.

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As I thought this was silly, I started to vote her again as I do not like to be told who to vote for and I think this is just silly.

Do not vote my posts!

Aww. This the kind of post i like to read while im sipping on my beer and just chilling. Its like that last page article in the news paper with a funny story about a bunny being best friends with a puppy. A feel good story.
Funny Hive drama is just that. 😂

What makes it even funnier is that appreciator downvoted the post. haha

a bunny being best friends with a puppy.


Vote for whoever you wanna vote for bro.

I've been on hive since the beginning first few weeks and i still have no idea how upvoting, curating and how to get popular even works.

I'm only here because i like being engaged with people from around the world and makes my existence richer and less lonely.

I post stuff i like and think others may like. If i get a vote great. If not whatever. I upvote anybody whos post i like. I like it i vote it. If not i move on. Im baffled by all this drama.

Hive is here to augment your life not make it. Its here to share your life and interact with other. Or at least i thought thats what community is all about. But what do i know. Im a noob to all this. I cant even figure out discord. Im like an old man on there. Do what now... Click this. Wait now where am i. Help. No seriously i need help figuring out discord.

To me i see very little rhyme or reason to most of the mega upvoted posts. Half the time the posts have very little in them. I dont get it. But you know what. I dont need to. Im here to post and support posts (most of which are random) of people i do like on a per post basis. Granted im a zygote or whatever they call us here. And my upvote is worth next to nothing. But the point of my upvote is to say. Hey i read what you took the time to write and i appreciated it.

Ok rant from a hive nobody finished.

Tl;dr. Markymark. Vote on whoever the hell you want. Its your vote. The only reasoning you need is your own.

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I love your Minecraft logo jajajajaja


I promise not to complain if you upvote my posts! Much as I like the curation trail and autovote rewards my posts seem to generate reliably, I mainly write because I hope to get people to read and respond. I'd rather have lower rewards and higher real engagement if that is a tradeoff I ever have to accept.

This is what I like to hear!

Yup that's what I'm after as well. For some reason I find that Hive is one of the platforms I get the least engagement from.

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Lol as a regular user I have noticed that when one curator upvotes you, generally the others do not.

Most “curators” on hive act like e-thugs fighting over territory. It’s like one one screams ”those are my DSL” and the other screams “DONT COCKBLOCK ME” and they're both trying to ram the tonsils until their tips touch.

I personally prefer 200 upvotes for $0.30 rather than 12 for $15. Success can’t be measured in quantity of payout if nobody is really reading it and is following a flawed rubric that determines if the blogger is a real person or not. Besides all that a real blogger doesn’t give a shit how much he makes.

I can attest that Marky votes whether another curator votes you or not.

I think the bigger issue is that people are taking advantage of Venezuelans and using them to generate curation rewards while giving them a payout of $0.50 because they know they can keep them coming back by threatening to take that vote away. Kicking the scared and hungry person is cool nowadays. It's like Hive's version of bum fights.

Well played, Stalin.


Opportunistic as fuck and a shitty way to conduct “business.”

You were curation snipping almost whole of Hive and most of them are popular authors. You are just whining because you are not able to gain rewards from curation sniping. Now you are complaining why others are doing it, so ironic.

Would you stop telling lies because your so called automated support vanishes into thin air when post's STU becomes more than $2, which show you are mainly concerned for rewards only.

I still don't feel the need to explain anything to you because you cannot make stupid person realize that he is stupid. I expect your puppets to soon appear in comments, without making any sense at all.

Previously, you were complaining about low competition in curation and you are still whining, no surprise there.

198 unique accounts/week is all of Hive? Wow it's much smaller than I expected. You are voting over 500 unique accounts, more than twice I do. I actually choose who I vote very specifically based on quality and effort not based on their rewards, I vote accounts of all sizes. I don't target "popular authors" and don't vote because it is the best curation rewards. I could likely double or triple my curation rewards if that was my primary concern. I actively review my votes and remove people if they abuse the votes or go down in quality or effort.

I don't use puppets, so any other comments are not my own.

I never complained about low competition in curation, I said your votes focus on no curation competition. There is a difference because in general curation has massive competition.

Do you OWN those 198 authors? Everyone is free to upvote however they like just like you said.
Can you just stop telling lies again, you do upvote popular authors?

Automated votes on any post do not describe the quality of post because trails are just blind and automatic. I have said it earlier that I won't encourage any curation sniping trails who try to gain more rewards with least effort.

Do you OWN those 198 authors? Everyone is free to upvote however they like just like you said.

Of course not, that's not the point, the point is you are using your 8M HP to specifically target my votes because you are mad about something (I can only assume I voted someone you vote for and are doing it in spite, especially after the regular messages from people asking me to stop voting them so you can vote them.)

Can you just stop telling lies again, you do upvote popular authors?

Let me rephrase it, I don't specifically vote on popular authors, it's not my criteria, there is no question some of my votes land on them, they are popular for a reason and that's a good thing as it means more curation rewards are burned in the reverse auction. Many of the people I vote became popular over time but were not when I started to vote them. There are hundreds (likely thousand) of popular authors I don't vote on because I don't like their content, they get enough support, or just not my thing, or I just simply haven't discovered them.

When did the reverse auction stop feeding into the trending page and start getting burned?

If I remember correctly it was HF21. The reverse auction was lowered from 30 minutes to 15 minutes and the rewards returned to the pool rather than going towards the author. (Now the reverse auction is 5 minutes).

It doesn't get burned, it gets returned to the pool (to payout to rewarded content) similar to declined rewards, subtle but significant difference.

Ok, that is what I had recorded in the ol' memory bank.
Reverse auction rewards go the biggest receivers of rewards and are not burned.

that's a good thing as it means more curation rewards are burned in the reverse auction.

That had me confused.

Yes, here is a good example.

The other day I was looking at a post that was $36, with 50/50 rewards that is $18 for the author and $18 for the curators. The final numbers were more like $18 to author and $13 to curators due to the reverse auction.

I explained your sole criteria of choosing those authors. They are easy targets for you to gain more curation rewards by sniping and your votes disappear when posts rewards become more than $2.

You also forgot the fact that you are doing curating snipping with 2M HP and that makes you the biggest curation sniper on Hive, just to gain rewards on personal account with delegated stake.

When you don't have any factual answer, you just make your own stupid theories.

I explained your sole criteria of choosing those authors.

You can explain them all you like doesn't make them facts.

Don't tell me you have started crying already

I cry myself to sleep every night.

I explained your sole criteria of choosing those authors. They are easy targets for you to gain more curation rewards by sniping and your votes disappear when posts rewards become more than $2.

curation sniping below 2$? 😳 this must be super effective

If nobody voted on post with more than 2htu, we wouldn't be having the problems we have now, iyam.

I mean, do curation snipers really need those pennies they take from the poor that bad?

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One can't complain about autovotes when one follows a trail and also encourages others to join said trail... 🤷🏻‍♀️ It goes to show the real issue here is not the way the vote is given but the worth of it.

I said it before and will say it again if you dont want people to vote your posts you should make a note on them "please dont vote this post, only posted this for "insert curator of choice here" 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

This is Hive version of #RitchPeopleProblems here is #UpvotedPeopleProblems 😂 so many would love to have this kind of issues and not see their post close/payout at 0

Vote my post I will follow you!
Ahahahahaha. How things have changed.

I'm having a problem wrapping my head around this whole deal. Seriously.

It does seem to explain some of the tags I've been mystified by.

I maintain that if you are posting for the rewards you are in the wrong business. Posting for the content and accepting the rewards that come is a lot more satisfying.

Thanks for all you do. Really.

I always find it hilarious that a certain society screams for freedom yet begs for handouts because they are unwilling to work for what they have.

I took an educated guess at the nationality and gender before reading past the link (saw the topic in discord) and was not at all wrong.

I feel bad for people who are so desperate they decide to rely on posting mediocre content on Hive, but I wish more people would produce content for the sake of producing content. A lot of those people doing it entirely for the rewards are so formulaic.
As for curators, the system is set up to be gamed, so this issue makes sense. It was designed long before free downvotes were allowed, maybe it's time to adjust how it works so curators can go back to curating based on quality and not efficiency.


Hmm. Interesting and a bit sad to complain about upvotes, also bit of a gamble to relie on getting "big upvotes" instead of consistent small upvotes.

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Fuck off loser

Whenever I see things like this I feel like that these talks of removing blogging inflation rewards on layer one make more and more sense

well you will get all this on a second layer, if we assume that second layer tokens will have any worth. some of them at least.

Yes you would but thats at least where you can have competition and game theory so people will jump to the token they like best and keep projects trying to drive value to keep users attention and user growth

but then that needs to happen yesterday. there is no sense to let people write all over the internets about something that will not exist in 6 months. and then ask them again to write about something new, so they could build some new created token from the ground.
i feel that the social part of this coin is undervalued by some, or maybe it is just my illusion.

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I'm shocked at how right ned's ideas were.
Doesn't excuse the kneecapping of us and selling us down the river, but he did make some good judgement calls on some things.
I'm still waiting on smteees!™ nearly 4 years after they were proposed.

I think he saw from the data that one token was not going to suit all the use cases and it was just the first one and would need to be augmented eventually, we're clearly finding this out the hard way

As much as I denied it, walling ourselves off in our own little spheres may be the only way to make this work.
If we were forced to work out our differences it may be better overall for the world, but it won't likely build a place for 'the popular' crowd to come and pee on little people.

Not that that was my intention from the start, but it may reflect the feelings of some, as demonstrated by their otherwise inexplicable behaviors.

We haven't dumped all the stake that was acting only to further their own interests rather than build something that changes the world.

Greed is still killing off the newbs.

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Do we need popcorn?

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And a really cold Coke for me, brother, please.

It is unfortunate that some do not understand that everyone is free to decide who to vote for or not. This is a sign of disrespect and a lack of understanding of what HIVE means.

Some time ago something similar happened with Tipu's vote, I did not agree either. I hope that we can all reflect and behave as members of a true ecosystem, HIVE.

We have gone in full circle.

Now, people complain about being upvoted.

Take that!

How dare you!

Ye its fun, we finally made it! :P

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What seems worse to me is the attitude of these people, how can they be so ungrateful? Obviously if you get more profits it is better, but their attitude seems pathetic to me, maybe you do not like attitude the whales', but theirs seems worse to me, many would like to have your vote and they instead for avaricious they whine, they don't care that they really value their posts for their content, they just want high votes.

I do not publish for long periods of time because I do not me fill a simple value in the post, I would like interaction in them, that people interested in the subject would comment and a pleasant conversation could develop, but most of them are only focused on obtaining profits and not in making community.

People who are only here to beg for handouts don’t appreciate anything because they aren’t actually working for it to know the value.

This goes to show the gaming on the platform. I see rocky and especially appreciator voting crap based from certain countries and ignoring good content from other areas. I also notice appreciator votes mostly women and votes the prettiest one's at a high percentage, even though the content is mediocre or worse.

This type of curation is what drives users away and keeps good quality content creators from joining. I myself have stopped creating, because there's little quality content to keep me occupied. This means I have little reason to check in.

This also shows the selfishness and greed in the Community you mention and they don't deserve your or any support from the greater Hive community.

I hope this gamification is addressed in the future and a better distribution algorithm can be created.

5 minute window needs to go. Voting hotties though, that can stay :P

Point one is a start, but won't address enough of the issue and pt2- I wouldn't have expected from you, lol😂

I've had a week off, need to get back into character :)

To be honest, it is a situation that I had already noticed, in my case, for a long time, no matter how hard I try I don't get good upvotes, the accounts you mention once or twice voted for me so I don't really care about their actions, I am grateful for your support and recognition of my effort, luckily there are accounts that don't care only about winning curation rewards, and give upvote because the content is good, like a social network, without the ambition in their acts.

I know you only give upvote to people who deserve it, not to those who beg you or always comment in your posts looking for your support, I almost never comment, but this time I can't keep in silent, thanks @themarkymark

It's funny, an interesting episode, but of course curation, like automated trading, is an arms race. It is a fight for curation rewards, and this algorithmic competition does seem to manifest in weird ways.

Scale is its own challenge, and it seems like you have reached an ironic point where authors don't want your votes.....of course they can't stop you from giving them either!

Good luck with the tough choice, in my personal opinion this is one of the disincentives for being a whale.

What happened to being grateful and appreciative of any vote you receive. I just don't get it and cherish every vote I receive. From what you are saying is that some users just expect to receive no matter what they post. If you are consistently doing decent posts and are putting effort into what you do then it is up to the community to vote. I find it crazy that some accounts wont vote because you have voted and is totally the wrong attitude to have. I am happy you have been supporting me as otherwise I would be on $2 possibly per post and you do make Hive a better experience for me. The only rule I have for voting anyone is whether they are powering down every month or so as I believe one should be growing their account during these times.

The one thing these people may not realize is that even when appreciator hits them up for a large amount it's still only one person seeing your post, not the 200 people that follow the appreciator curation trail. The dollars on the post mean almost nothing, it's engagement on said posts that mean the most in my opinion. Just look at the engagement on your posts compared to the average user. Even I'm hella bad at engaging in other users content or comments on my own.

Also, this may explain why 3 of my last posts got really small appreciator updoots along with yours!

You are damned if you do damned if you don't, and damned if you stand in the middle ground. Vote who, how, and why you want to vote. I really do not understand how people can think of a vote any other way. It is your vote, their vote is their vote.

I really did enjoy reading all of these comments on your spot, I am flabbergasted that people don't understand that a vote belongs to the person that is giving it. The size of the vote is based on how much a person has powered up, or a person has delegated to them.

If people think a post is over rewarded, (ie: they don't want your vote), they can always down vote themselves and each other, We have two votes, up vote and down vote. Right now there are no set standards in writing as to why a post can be down voted, likewise no set standard as to why a post can be up voted.

Manual or automated method of voting, I have seen some votes from you that would indicate some manual voting, (I peaked in hivetask thing). You have a lot of HP, full on manual voting is simply not possible, I have a hard time manually voting the number of people I like, the number of post I find interesting, and the number of people I want to keep posting, so while I do not use a vote trail or a curation bot, I am not a 100% manual voter. I doubt that there really are very many full on manual voters.

Keep voting the way you want, and when you want.

You are damned if you do damned if you don't, and damned if you stand in the middle ground.

Certainly how I feel lately about a lot of things. It exhausting.

I had three more people contact me today, one messaged me 19 times at 4AM in the morning and called me on Discord.

They just don't get the concept of voting, or at least that is how it appears to me. I am just glad I don't have your problems, but your problem was interesting to read and all those comments did keep me entertained.


I don't know if you like the vanity type tokens but I can certainly attest I did find your post engaging.

They know the concept quite well, they only care about one vote.

Yep, and they love throwing the word Greed around as an accusation. Oh well such is online Hive life. Where would we be without The Days of our Hive drama. So long as it is not to often they are fun little episodic breaks from the crypto centric post.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Curious indeed. Comical even.

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Weirdness. I do get rocky/appreciator upvotes - and they're some of my best payouts (obviously)... but I do not get them on every single post - and I'm sure that's true for most people who get their upvotes. I do not complain when upvotes come from the "wrong" source (unless it gets me into the middle of a whale war, anyway,) so feel free to visit me, lol.

Me suena amor puro y sincero.

damn ...it is all so complicated , i mean , Who doesnt want votes ?
Quantity , Quality it doesnt bloody matter as long as the post is cool and interactions happen ( i have the best one " the cuddle cat " ) 🌼
if they dont want your vote move on to who wants it 🥂

So much drama on the blockchain. Down-vote wars and now up-vote wars. It never ends. I'll probably get residual backlash just from commenting on this lolol.

And I thought upvote wars would happen on Blurt instead.

This Hive drama is one of our biggest strength yet our Achilles heel.

Upvoting content is the easiest thing to do. You don't have to go in-depth about effort, formatting etc...

Do you enjoy reading the content? Good. Leave a vote. It costs nothing.

All this drama about reward snipping to maximize curation rewards is just nuts.


I don't know much about this account and I have voted her on only 3-4 times in a whole year. You should verify your facts before claiming anything.

It isn't the only account but it is largely appreciator votes but not exclusively.

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doesn't make much sense to me

 11 months ago Reveal Comment

omg, what a weird and funny story, but it somehow makes sense thx to the detailed explanation 😂

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I had to read twice and study some of the mentioned players (Venezuelan people can support a family with some dollars each day); I looked at some of the curation % (yours and appreciator) but honestly still do not understand the big picture.

i am lost in all this. and i should start posting photo a day...

lol yep for sure.

Lemme guess, this is all about curation rewards, right? Unless I don't understand it. Why would appreciator doesnt want to vote on a post you've upvoted if it's not about curation? All these would change when smt launches and hbd/hive is removed from layer zero, or whatever it is called.

Some people just need to complain. I appreciate all of the votes that I receive from you. I am not cool enough for @appreciator or @rocky1 votes, and they seem to be voting on content that doesn't get votes otherwise, so they can maximize their curation.

man, no matter what you post you always get votes well over $2, so shut the fuck up, because even if you post a picture of two dogs fucking, it still has more reward than a post that actually takes effort, you stupid hypocrite



put that meme on your blog and you're sure to get over $10 in votes, you, buildwhale and the rest of your circlejerk

It probably would, but you are free to flag all my posts if it will make you feel better.

You know why they complained you are such a bullshit artist. It even says in the post that you linked that they are against automated voting.

 11 months ago 

It's always about the rewards.

This is a post about the failure of the 5 minute pile-on window.

 11 months ago 

Not really.

Wow fighting over which whale votes for you ? I remember the days when people were happy just to get any whale to vote for them and we fought against the bid bots. Amazing how far we have come.

pick a whale to vote for you. that is a nice option to have :D
maybe people will start downvoting themselves to counter the whale vote that they don't like :D

to be honest i think 12 to 14% Curation APR is a decent one, and it needs some effort do get, so both parties in this are doing a good job at it. (i assume, as i never got to calculations about that)

Yep. I 'only' get 8-9% APR for curation as I follow a few of the smaller photography curation trails (photofeed, photocircle, travelfeed, and some others etc) to try and help the photography community get some rewards. In the long run building robust communities is the key to success here. People worrying about a +/- a few % APR here and there is so irrelevant for a coin which could go down to zero or 50x in the next 2 years.

i think my biggest trail is on a local community that kinda fell apart, but there are some people still posting, and i am maybe 3-4 biggest vote in that trail. everything else is scrolling through my feeds. big active communities could be the key.

Yep. I simply don't have the time to be that active so the best I can do with my HP is support some projects that I think are worthwhile.

Another reason for the 5 minute pile-on to be sent to room 101.

I can’t believe this kind of things could actually happen, there’s a lot of ignorance about the fact of being voted or not.

I prefer to being SUPPORTED than UPVOTED, I’ve never complain about any upvote that I receive, in HIVE I receive a lot of upvotes from many people, whales, big and small fishes, sometimes my posts just made $4, this week I made almost $30 approximately On every post and all has been for my effort.

@theycallmedan and you @themarkymark has been the whales that have supported me the most, I’ve never received a vote from @rocky1 and just recently I started to receive upvotes from @appreciator but I can’t complain about it, any upvote to me is a blessing and I really enjoy it the most!

Because there must be a reason why I’m receiving those votes and you explained in here, you actually LIKE the post you automatically upvote.

Is easy to complain about the work that a whale do until you’re one, so I just want to say that this is not the whole Hispanic thinking about your work.

I’m totally disagree to make content for HIVE just for catch some WHALE upvotes, I work on my content to people to enjoy it, the reward is to be known as a quality content creator, not to be millionaire.

I really hate that kind of thoughts because that’s the main reason why people hate latins, because of that stupid malice that always makes us be saw as people that think about what’s more worthy for us and don’t look what’s actually happen on the outside.

I’m sorry for this, I’m really sorry about it.