Hive-Engine: Diesel Pools are already in testing!

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Well, that escalated quickly! I got a nice message from our smart contract developer that diesel pools are already functioning on the testnet!

"Hey guys, this is kind of exciting. The market pools contract is doing swaps in my testnet, and all on chain. Still have one or two more actions to add before its ready for code review and docs are coming soon. I'll be working on this heavily the next few days. Looking forward to helping with integration on the various frontends eventually too."

We'll be calling the liquidity pools DIESEL POOLS. We're going to make them 1000 BEE to create and free to use. The various tokens and projects will be responsible for providing incentive to create the pools. This means that once your money is on hive-engine it remains completely free to trade here.

I am starting to look into ways to adjust the deposit/withdrawal fee schedule. I'm interested in reducing fees for people that stake BEE. So, that's working it's way onto the roadmap.

ETH is coming along

cryptomancer is killing it and making great progress on Ethereum integration. That's moving along and I'm hoping to see our first deposit and withdrawal buttons functioning for it on the site. Next up with be ERC20s and those sound relatively quick to handle. The bigger problem will be wrapping all the hive-engine tokens. That sounds like it's a much bigger project, but that'll be on deck for Mancer.

Witness system is excellent

We're now over 15k blocks that have been produced by the Witnesses. We have 27 of them. We'll be going up to 10 top witnesses and 1 backup soon. I think if the price of Hive continues to rise we'll push it all the way to 20 top witness and at least 1 if not two backup witnesses in a rotation.

Fantastic work eon. This whole ecosystem is in your debt.

Open Hive is progressing

We're making it so that all the NFT projects have one home that they can be displayed on. It'll be a page on which we're calling OpenHive. It's so you can poke around with all the different NFT projects all at once. Hopefully there's some great opportunities for cross promotion.

I imagine at some point we'll figure out a way to get some advertisement on the site to promote your NFTs for sale. Elmo will burn many a BEE that way.

Mobile development continues for hive-engine classic

We're trying to get hive-engine classic out the door. Shouldn't be too much longer for the Android app. It's a little more complicated to work with Apple. I'm in that process now. So, that part is less technical and working through corporate delays.

Job Board

I'm getting started with a new front end designer. I'm trying again to get a job board going. I think there's nothing more powerful in the world to create equal opportunity that providing access to labor markets and talent. I'm stoked to work on this again. we'll see if it gets anywhere.

Hive-engine is really leveling up

Thanks to the folks buying WORKERBEE, BEE, FARMFARMER and MYTHICAL NFTs. The development of Hive-engine isn't being supported by the major stakeholders (other than theycallmedan and thejohalfiles) on HIVE so it's only made possible by your use of the DEX and supporting the tokens that this project has created to continue funding development. We appreciate your business and hope you'll love the new Diesel Pool functionality.

Gas is like $180 per trade at times. Then you have fees too. We're going to offer users completely free liquidity pools to use. It's gonna be epic!


This is all french to me, so I won't be able to participate. Sounds a lot like banking, anyway, something I'm completely against and trying to get away from.

But I'd like to continue to collect and manage my tokens, and hive-engine is the only way that is provided to do so.

"We're trying to get hive-engine classic out the door."

What do you mean by out the door? Will it be changing? Will it suddenly disappear like steem-engine did? Will it suddenly begin requiring 3rd party software that I don't agree to use, effectively locking me out of my funds?

I'm hoping the basics don't fall by the wayside as everybody chases exponential profits in this new money-lending side-system. Please keep things working for the lay-user who doesn't understand code and who doesn't hang out in discord chats.

Our future is clearly in cryptocurrency. I wish the Hive to progress and grow!

Great reading your updates. I think "Diesel Pools" is probably a pretty bad name. The world is moving to sustainable energy, so the metaphor of "this is diesel for our Hive Engine" sounds like the archaic fossil-fuel machines that we want to move away from. And there's big concerns about blockchain tech contributing to climate change with its energy requirements (we know that applies to proof-of-work, not DPOS, but to newcomers these things are not clear), so will people seeing this name think that it's dirty and polluting in some way? Surely we can do better to make blockchain more attractive to newcomers, and names play a big role in that.

Hope you get what I'm saying. Excellent work anyways.

While we're at it, Hive is a pretty bad name, too. There are already several established Hive communities, sites, programs, projects, groups, and organizations. Pretty sure we're stuck with that now though. Bzzzzzz!

What about "Hiveswap" or "Unihive" instead?

The world sure is changing

Very good point there, I really hope the word Diesel gets taken out from the naming. Swap and Uni are definitely hot and happening right now. Either one would be fine.

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I agree. The name sounds dirty.

What the max supply of BEE?
What the max supply of WORKERBEE?

One more question.
Why is BEE not enough? Why are two tokens needed?

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Thanks for all you guys are doing for Hive! I'm proud to be a member of the best token economy and blockchain in the world! Keep up the awesome work!

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I'm super excited for how much pace hive-engine development has gained!
This is going to rocket hive to the next level!

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Nice work with the new Hive-Engine features man! !HYPNO !WINE

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Hey @aggroed, here is your HYPNO ;)

Super excited for HIVE-Engine future!!

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Good to hear things are moving forward I love reward pools

Wow, it sounds like a great improvements coming soon!
Thank you for your engagement!
I like Engine, but I feel like not much people knows it. In addition, the low liquidity should discourage some people.

We're making it so that all the NFT projects have one home that they can be displayed on

But we can still go to Lensy or NFTShowroom so we don't have to stare at Splinterlands cards while looking for new artwork, right?