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Educating your children can be a challenging experience, but so rewarding as well. We have a few posts this week that highlight how parents have been overcoming learning challenges they are facing or have faced.

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@thisismylife has been looking at the importance of nutrition with her daughter. I really like the ideas and the balance in this article, because healthy eating often needs to be tailored to your personal needs.

Sometimes a simple experiment can explain more than words. When @taliakerch's son asked about picking the flowers she decided to do an experiment with him so he could visually see how they drink water to survive.

While Tagalog is the mother tongue of @arrliinn and her husband, the children have been surrounded by English even more, so they face some challenges with teaching them Tagalog It isn't an easy language to learn, but persistence seems to be paying off.

It seems @fmbs25 has a bit of a rebel on her hands when it comes to her son and numbers. So she decided to create a book of numbers with him, to help demonstrate his abilities.

Some lessons can't be taught so much as learnt through trial and error. @melbourneswest relates a little anecdote about stepping back and letting his daughter develop her critical thinking by not intervening, despite the urge to do so.

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Thank you very much friends of Home Edders in this wonderful community we feel as a family growing and learning. I value and enjoy reading and commenting on the posts of our members.

You're welcome. Thanks for joining in the conversations.

Thanks for these weekly posts, as well as mentioning mine!
It's been an absolute joy and inspiration to be part of the Home Edders community here!

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Already a pleasure. We love following your journey.

Hello @homeedders, it is good to get a community where it brings together all the people who are shaping the future, such as the teachers and parents of the citizens of tomorrow. I'm glad I found them.
I hope my content is welcome.
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