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Since my last post about this game I have passed level 300. I know some people struggle to level up, but I have a few XP Boost cards that speed up my progress. I should be able to access a few more missions now, but I need more fans to do some of them. I will also have to invest in more petrol cans too. I have about 37,000 fans and need 40,000 for the next mission. I am getting a fair few drunks each day, but it is still not enough. I am also having to make adjustments to handle my ego level.

I get enough Starbits to get another pack most days. This was my latest. I does seem the rappers give you good skill. Maybe there is a bias by whoever sets the numbers.


I got a couple of High End Drum Kits this week. I will keep one, but I concentrate on the instruments for the production lesson as that gets me the most skill. I still want to collect all the cards.

I have the dilemma of whether to just buy packs as I get enough Starbits or to save up for ten packs when you get an extra two as a bonus. That can take me up to a week depending on whether I convert some of the other Hive Engine tokens. I may need the odd day of doing mostly lessons to build up my skill. Some of the other Hive games can be fairly passive, but you do have to consider you strategy in Rising Star.

A recent development on the game is an API that lets you retrieve some statistics in your own apps. If you go to mine you see this:


Not too exciting I know, but these is potential to play with the data. You could read it for different users and make some graphs. What is not allowed is to use bots to actually play the game. The API does not enable that. Developer @atomcollector is open to suggestions of what other data should be exposed.

If you want to start playing then please consider using my referral link. It is free to start, but you will have to work your way up, just as in real life.

I am still playing other Hive games. Despite my misgivings over the land sale I still do the Splinterlands daily quests and am saving my DEC in hope of getting a couple of plots next time.

Ever since I have been playing there has been a bug where the summoner images would not show up during battles. They did appear at times recently, but then things would slow right down. Since upgrading to Ubuntu 20.10 I get them all the time and performance is fine.


My little dCity is slowly growing as I buy the odd card when I have spare funds. I am a little concerned about the riots and natural disaster. Not sure what I can do about those, but I expect they want me to buy more cards.


I am also still brewing in Cryprobrewmaster. There is a new beer to make that needs slightly different ingredients. I just leave it running and check in when necessary.


I bought a few cards in FarmFarmer that have earned me a tiny amount. I think payback on that will take forever and there is nothing to really do in there. Some say it is a cynical way to get more money from the masses. Well they look pretty anyway. I think there is another one of these 'games' now, but I am not looking to spend more.


I think it is important that Hive has a variety of things to do. Not everyone is a blogger and casual games are a huge industry. Hitting the right balance of playability, cost and return is difficult. It is up to the players which to support. If those running things get it wrong they are likely to see an exodus.

Play well and have fun.


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I bought a bunch of cards from Farm Farmer and I haven't earned anything. I blew like 100 Hive on that stupid game. I am struggling with Rising Star still. I am finally at level 58, but it is taking forever to grow even with xp booster cards. I think I can have a vehicle now, but I am not sure which one to use and I don't really know what the point is. I have a feeling I don't have any of my cards setup right.

I actually got something from Farm Farmer! I think it was 67c worth and I've powered that up.

Maybe we can chat about RS on Discord and I may be able to give you some tips. I have spare cards that may be useful to you.

I got .5 Farm tokens from it. It was worth $2 but now it is worth cents because they came out with their other game which is pretty much a clone and people lost interest.

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