Models in the woods!

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if i go outside to shoot a nice sunrise ore sunset I often meet some people who are enjoying nature to! the Netherlands is not that big so sometimes in the weekends its very busy in the woods. But if you are early its nice and quiet. If the composition that i am working on needs a person i will ask someone who is walking in the woods if they like to pose for me. I always give them my business cards so that i can send them the pictures. Like this couple! They were waiting behind me because they didn't want to ruin my photo! I asked them to please walk and that i want them in my picture. This was the result. They send me an email and i send them a small version of this picture. they totally loved it and now its on there wall on a big canvas :)


I made this picture in the woods of Amerongen in the Netherlands.


great snapshot! successful shooting. congratulations. I like the color tones

Thank you :) Tones are a little bit modified! thanks for mentioning it in Discover-it!

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Very nice picture. You've captured the atmosphere very well!
The by-passers didn't ruin your photo at all. Very cool that you've send them the photo and they printed it in a canvas.

Thanks mate, they bought the canvas print from me :D I have a deal with the local printshop :)

Amazingly beautiful landscape!!! 🔥🔥🤩 Love the mood!!! ❤️❤️🙏 🙏😃😉

Thank you :) it was an awesome morning :)

Very beautiful and colorful view.

Thank you for the reposting it :D

Great shot! Looks great!

Thank you, one of the better mornings i had :D