Go with the flow!

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When it comes to mainstream social media and selfies and the whole show off culture around it, I tend to be very argumentative. I was even dismissive into taking pictures with a phone. And yet here I am posting a selfie, taken with my new smartphone and inviting you to follow me at my new Instagram account. There is an old Greek saying that goes something like that:

You may eat a big bite but do not speak a big word!

Which, I have to admit, is totally true. Circumstances are changing and so is our attitude towards specific matters. It doesn't necessarily means that we were wrong in the past, it is just the fact that one can deal with a situation with many different ways and some of them are more flexible than some others.


I was making my living as a photographer from 1991 till 2013 and I never felt the need to built an online identity or having any kind of online presence at all. Probably I should had seen the upcoming changes in my profession during the last years I was practicing it and adjust myself accordingly but I was on my way for bigger changes.




I don't want to bore you with the details, most of you already know all about it, so long story short I quit my job and rejected the urban lifestyle to move at a rural area and buried my cameras in a closet that I never opened.



But things have changed (again) and a few weeks ago I applied for a job as a photographer. A part time, online job but still a big milestone for my life. And as I was filling the application, actually as I was NOT filling the social media links and later when I got the rejection note, it was then that it hit me. The reality for photographers nowadays is that if you are not on Instagram, you do not exist!




So my new attitude is go with the flow :)

Selfies have become kind of a trend the last week in hive, @wwwiebe's Photo 52, 2020 Challenge theme is Mid Year Selfie and taking pictures with your phone can be really fun!

I took all the shots of the post this morning, with a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro which is not the super fancy smartphone ever, but it is the best I ever had and I am pretty happy with it's quality. OK, I am not going to through away my canon but if I see something nice while I am walking I won't hesitate to take a picture with it :)

I almost forgot! You can find me as @orangestudio.gr and follow me on Instagram!


All the pictures and the words are mine.

Thank you for reading and if you want to know more about me you can check out my introduction post.

Commenting, upvoting and rebloging are highly appreciated!


I see what you mean now, sometimes we tend to stick to our old habits, not wanting to see the future, not wanting to get out of our comfort zone.
I heard of bitcoin and steem (back then) looong time until I decided to devote time and learn about them / join the movement.
I know curse myself for not doing it earlier but also applaud myself for doing it when I did. I was in a few jobs that ate my guts back then, and all my job & free time would go to the jobs. At some point it hit me and .. here I am!

I have to ask you .. did you take all these shots with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro?? They are awesome!
Did you do any editing or are they raw files?

Not all of us are photographers, you got 'the eye' and can 'frame' anything you see correctly - while we just do it for fun and sometimes not choosing the best line/side/point of focus. But I believe that smartphones gave many people the opportunity to express themselves easily and why not? Unfold hidden talents and also bring user content easier to the fore.. So regarding Instagram I realized early that ... we all got the chance to be on the phone of someone - so very intimately - but I failed to do it for myself and to grow back then.

Even so, even if precious time is lost - now is always better than not at all :)

I will make sure to make some stories for you on instagram so that my friends can also follow and I will be posting my tips (as per my own adventure and understanding on this medium)

In the meantime I suggest that you start using appics too (and I think highly of @dapplr but I think it is not open for everyone at the moment)

We'll be in touch :) Thank you again for coming over by my post!

Yes, I guess we all have things to regret from our past but indeed, better late than ever!
Yes, all the pictures of this post are taken with the Xiaomi. I was quite impressed, too. You have to see them in a big screen to notice their flaws. Of course the light was amazing by itself and yes, I did some editing, but not too much.
Thank you very much for your reply and your support, I really appreciate it!

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Thank you for your support!

Hehehe, you gave in? ;) Me? I still don't have any instagram account... :D

I confess, please don't crucify me :)

The reality for photographers nowadays is that if you are not on Instagram, you do not exist!
So my new attitude is go with the flow :)

very sad thing for me to hear. ok, call me whatever after that, it will not make me turn on again my insta akk. my motto is: 'shit is inevitable in this world but it will not be me, that it will enter here'. if only it was everybody's motto... the world be a better place then. dixi..

My friend we are part of this world's shit even if we lock ourselves into a cabin on the top of a mountain. Flexibility helps me keep my sanity and move forward. Thank you for stopping by!

yes... you abs. right about locking in a cabin on top on the mountain ))
and we all have own remedies (good or bad, working or not at all) to go thru. blessings!

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owning note 7 for almost a year, i can say it is great for the money you pay for it.

Not sure what were you applying for, but they rejected you with photos that you have for all this years? i feel bad for them :D

Thank you for the vote of confidence, it means a lot, even if you are not going to hire me :)

i probably would if i had a photography job. not sure you would like Serbian salaries :D

I don't like Greek salaries either. The job I was aiming for is in Canada :)

That's really sad about you being rejected just because not having an account on Instagram.

We all know that the photographers are often those who appear the least in pictures and so that's a pretty good reason not to be so active on social media other than posting their work.

I have a sister which is an amateur photographer and she's struggling so much right now to make a living from this passion but gets no chances where we are living. It's really sad to see her losing her hope for the beautiful passion she has, even though she does have accounts on social media where she spreads the word of her work.

I know, making a living out of photography can be really hard nowadays. Things were much easier 20-30 years ago (when I did my first steps) but now it is an extremely competitive field. My best wishes to you and your sister!

Indeed. Thank you so much!

Aww, you just had to throw in the pooch picture at the end! I love dogs. 😀 I may have been a dog in a previous life. I might like to be one in the next one!

Personally, I'm glad you found your camera again. Good luck! I'll look for you on instagram.

I think that all my posts that involve walking are also involving the dog, even when there isn't a picture of him :)